This is a reminder that the Unit of Inquiry reports for Unit 3 and 4 are now available on Gateway.  There is still a number of parents who have not accessed these so please take the time to log into Gateway to read your child/ren’s report.

You can log into Gateway by clicking HERE.  To view the reports for UOI 3 and 4 you will need your login and password.


We went into this years Hong Kong Primary Schools Tournament of the Minds competition as defending champions.  I am delighted to report that last weekend we defended that title by winning the Social Science section once more.  The team (Sophia Openshaw, Anastasia Hale, Natasha Mather, Imogen Hamp, Aurora Corrado, Calypso Paisley, Daanyal Ebrahim and Ms Maclennan (coach) and Mrs Ainsworth (manager) were given a challenge 6 weeks ago and had to create a 10 minute presentation to the panel of judges.  They also had a spontaneous challenge where they have 3 minutes to prepare a 1 minute presentation on a topic or scenario only revealed behind closed doors on the day!   Out of the 15 teams they actually topped scored in this section which is a terrific effort as this is the one that all teams find the hardest.

As winners of the Social Science competition we have been invited to represent Hong Kong at the Asia/Pacific TOM tournament in Perth during the Mid Term break in October.




We ended up with a terrific response rate as you can see from the below chart.  My thanks to all the school community members who took the time to respond.

We have gone through the information in great detail and I have also reported a summary of the findings to the School Council.  We are obviously doing a significant number of things really well as the responses were very positive.  However, like anything, we also have areas that we need to develop.

What is working well:

Parents responded very positively (agree or strongly agree %) in the areas of Teaching (95%), Leadership and Management (95%), Student Support (89%), Resources for learning (98%) and Student and community life (93%).  These are all above the ESF averages so a real credit to everyone involved.

The students and staff scored the school across all sections with a range of 91%-100% (agree or strongly agree).

A consistent theme across all stakeholders identified the following trends;

  • The general feeling and appreciation that our staff are caring, committed and enthusiastic
  • The feeling from students that the work set is interesting, challenging and enjoyable
  • The feeling that the school runs smoothly
  • The feeling that the students are well supported
  • Everyone is proud to be part of the Peak School community

Even Better If:

Although we still scored reasonably high in the “Philosophy and Objectives” and “Learning”, these two areas did not score as high as the other sections.  As a result of the information collected we are looking to address these areas in our new three year strategic plan with a particular focus on how we are communicating what we do to our parents.  There was a definite disconnect in some curriculum areas between how the children responded in terms of being/feeling challenged and how some parents viewed this.

We are currently reviewing our Program of Inquiry, which was always planned for, and this will ensure we address the concerns around the perceived lack of emphasis on science (scientific skills and knowledge).  We are looking to really strengthen this area of our curriculum to ensure the children are regularly exposed to scientific ideas through their units of inquiry.

We also scored relatively low in regards to celebrating children’s achievements outside of school and this is probably because we celebrate this success at our assemblies where parents are unable to attend.  We are now looking at the feasibility of having the option to “live stream” our assemblies and other school events so parents and family members who cannot make it can watch it over the internet.

Please be assured that the school is using the survey data to review its practice and it has already helped shape the priorities for the next three years.


A majority of Year 6 children had a fabulous week in Beijing recently where they were able to practice their Chinese.  I was delighted to receive very positive feedback by the other adults from other schools (and ours) in relation to the behaviour, attitude and language acquisition of our children.

My thanks to Ganlo Williams (Chinese Classroom Teacher), Annie Huang (Chinese EA), Sue Richards (6T), Anne Button-Smith (IN) and Mrs McCullough (parent) for dedicating a week of their time to support the children during a very busy but rewarding week.

In addition to this opportunity the Year 5 children recently had an opportunity to put their Chinese into practice by opening a market.  The Year 5 children had to make menu’s for their “restaurants” in Chinese, make or bring the food and then sell it to other children.  Of course the whole exercise was done in Chinese and I was very impressed to see that no one went hungry at all (they only got food from each other if they could order it in Chinese).  A terrific role play activity which allowed our children to practice their Chinese in a real life situation.







Sponsor a Peak School PE Shirt

As you are aware we are changing our PE shirt for next year.  The new shirt will be available at the beginning of the next academic year.  I’m sure you can appreciate that we have surplus stock of the old PE shirts.

The following message is from three Year 6 children who are looking to support an orphanage in Cambodia as part of their Exhibition work.  It is a fantastic idea as it enables the Peak School Community to really make a difference to the lives of children less fortunate than ours.  It is open all all Peak School community members and friends of the school.  Obviously we would welcome donations where more than one shirt was purchased by a family!

Your support would be greatly appreciated.

Dear Parents,
As part of the year 6 Exhibition, our group has decided to look into the plight of children in Cambodia.  As part of the Action component of our project we would like to support children in Kais Orphanage, which has links with King George V School in Hong Kong.
Peak School will be getting new PE shirts next academic year so we have a surplus of the old style PE shirts.
We are going to link in with the fundraising for the Peak School Dance-A-Thon later this month and would like as many people as possible to sponsor a PE shirt HKfor $90, which we will donate to Kais Orphanage.
Tickets/sponsorship forms available at the PTA office.  Donating a shirt is not limited to people attending the Dance-A-Thon and your generosity would be very much appreciated.
Yours sincerely,
Sophia Openshaw, Issy Carey & Max Emery
Sponsored by PTA


We ended up with close to 60 parents at the recent Island School presentation by Chris Binge (Principal) and Gareth Stevens (Vice Principal).

If you were unable to attend and would like to know what the presentations were about please click on the links below to view the power points used.

Also you can go to the following link to learn more about the building plans (redevelopment of Island School) and options currently on the table – http://isredevelopment.wordpress.com/

Power Point presentation in regards to the Redevelopment;

IS Redevelop briefing

Power Point presentation in regards to “Island Time” and “Futures” (Year 7-11);

Futures presentation for primaries