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As you are aware we are changing our PE shirt for next year.  The new shirt will be available at the beginning of the next academic year.  I’m sure you can appreciate that we have surplus stock of the old PE shirts.

The following message is from three Year 6 children who are looking to support an orphanage in Cambodia as part of their Exhibition work.  It is a fantastic idea as it enables the Peak School Community to really make a difference to the lives of children less fortunate than ours.  It is open all all Peak School community members and friends of the school.  Obviously we would welcome donations where more than one shirt was purchased by a family!

Your support would be greatly appreciated.

Dear Parents,
As part of the year 6 Exhibition, our group has decided to look into the plight of children in Cambodia.  As part of the Action component of our project we would like to support children in Kais Orphanage, which has links with King George V School in Hong Kong.
Peak School will be getting new PE shirts next academic year so we have a surplus of the old style PE shirts.
We are going to link in with the fundraising for the Peak School Dance-A-Thon later this month and would like as many people as possible to sponsor a PE shirt HKfor $90, which we will donate to Kais Orphanage.
Tickets/sponsorship forms available at the PTA office.  Donating a shirt is not limited to people attending the Dance-A-Thon and your generosity would be very much appreciated.
Yours sincerely,
Sophia Openshaw, Issy Carey & Max Emery
Sponsored by PTA

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