The children have been given the opportunity to wear casual clothes on two occasions this week….

Queen Diamond Jubilee – Tuesday 5 June

This is an opportunity for those children who, if they were still in their “home” country, would have been involved with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee to dress in red, white or blue.   Obviously if the Queen and her reign for the past 60 years has no real significance for you or your family then your child/ren do not need to dress up.   It is really an opportunity for our school families, whom over a third are from the UK, to celebrate the  event should they wish.  No donation is necessary.

Racism and Discrimination Awareness (Crazy Hair and Funky Feet)

As part of their Year 6 Exhibition,  Hattie Keys and Gili Shvarzman have organised a dress casual day for this coming Friday (8 June).  Both Hattie and Gili spoke at assembly today and invited children to wear crazy hair (wig/hair gel etc) and funky feet (tie on balloons/ribbons etc).  The idea behind it is that people should be treated the same regardless of what they look like.  This is an important message and one the school wanted to support.  There is no need for a donation as the girls are simply wanting to raise awareness.  The school uniform should be worn as usual but the children have the opportunity to make their hair “crazy” and their shoes “funky”!


Tree Planting

Whilst Ottavia De Rosa and Elian Dommestrup (Year 6) are not asking the children to dress up this week, they did make the children aware at assembly today (Monday 4 June) that they will be planting a tree, on the school grounds, this week on behalf of all students.  They also encouraged the children to plant a tree should they get the opportunity during the summer holidays as it is beneficial for the environment.

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