Issy Carey, Jessica Keighley, Conor Kent and Joshua Jackson all had the privilege of being “Principals for the day” at Peak School today (Monday 4 June).  They were given this opportunity by winning the best dressed at the recent PTA Danceathon.

I was extremely impressed with how they coped with the many challenges and how they interacted with the children from all year groups.

An outline of their day

– Run assembly including; reading out the Golden Book recipients, hand out the TOM Cup and a medal and introducing Year 6 Exhibition groups wanting to present to the school

– Read to the Year 1, 2 and 4 classes

– Visit classes to talk to the children about what work they have been doing

– Meet with a PE T Shirt company representative to “grill him” about his product

– Complete duty before school, during break and lunchtime

– Discuss the benefits of the many astro turf samples I have in my office for the upper playground (we are looking to replace it in December)

– They even found time to complete 2 x 45 min sessions in their classrooms as students!

They had a very productive day and some of the quotes from the four “principals” that I would like to share include;

“I enjoyed the power”

“It is a lot harder than it looks”

“I really enjoyed seeing what the other classes are working on”

“It is hard work looking after a large group of children”

“I was shaking at the start but I got more comfortable during the day”

“It was great to be part of such an important decision” (PE T Shirts)

“It was hard to read the teacher’s writing in the Golden Book!”

“The young children came up and hugged me, they don’t normally but they did today”

“I felt very sophisticated”


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