I can confirm that we have decided to go with Tsunami as our provider of our new PE Shirts.  Tsunami were the only company who could provide an eco friendly option which was of utmost importance to the children and staff involved.  The children involved included Year 6’s from last year, members of our student council, “Principals for a day” and a random sample of children spoken to.

We have gone with their “Eco Fit” range which is made out of recycled plastic bottles and bamboo.  We already use these shirts for our sports team, when representing Peak School, and the feedback from those students who have worn them has been very positive.

The cost to us is $175 so the likely cost to our families will be $185 with the $10 difference being donated to a charity on behalf of our school community.  A decision has not been made on the actual cost of the shirts to families but we are aware of other schools who sell these exact same shirts for $195 so $185 would seem a reasonable compromise.

Below are drawings of the new shirts, which we have ordered today, for each house (please note the writing above and below the logo will be white for all 4 shirts).







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