Student reports will be available from Tuesday 26th June at 3:30pm and can be accessed by logging on to the Parents’ Gateway (www.ps.edu.hk) or by clicking HERE. Once logged in, you will find the report by clicking on the ‘ARR’ link and choosing ‘ARR Report’.

Families that are not coming back to Peak School after Summer will able to access to Gateway until 31st July. Please download the report accordingly.

The report has been prepared by your child’s teachers (classroom and specialists) and provides a summary of progress and achievement made over the year in all areas of learning.


If you have forgotten your Parents’ Gateway login details, please contact

gateway-help@peakschool.net before 29 June 2012.


**Please note that we will not be sending home paper copies of the reports as in previous years as you can simply download them from Gateway as a PDF**


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