On Wednesday of this week we had Stu Lowe, who is the ESF ICT Advisor, visit our school to work with a small group of Year 5 and 6 students.  The work concentrated on showing the children how to develop their own application for either an iPad or Android device.  The children worked together on a game called “Monster Bash”.  Although they worked together on it they were able to develop their own version of the game.  I was impressed with how the group coped with the maths involved in the development of the game and just how quickly the children picked things up.  There is an immense amount of problem solving involved as well which the children obviously enjoyed.

The long term goal is for the small group to develop their own application that we will then make available on iTunes etc.  Also we envisage this group being the”experts” and providing them with an opportunity to work with other children who would like to learn how to develop their own application.

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