Please find below the maths rubrics for Number Operations.  You will recall at the parent workshops earlier this year that we shared the maths rubrics for Place Value (see earlier blog post).

Year 1 Rubric Four Operations

Year 2 Rubric Four Operations

Year 3 Rubric Four Operations

Year 4 Rubric Four Operations

Year 5 Rubric Four Operations

Year 6 Rubric Four Operations

These rubrics will shortly be available on our website as well.  They have been developed across the Foundation for all ESF schools to use and provide a framework for the teaching of the four operations from Year 1 to Year 6.


Last month our Health and Safety committee met to discuss the need to complete a “lockdown” drill during Term 2 and Term 3 of this year.   After the recent tragic events in the US this has highlighted the need for us to ensure the children are prepared and understand the purpose of a lockdown.

Each term we have a fire drill to ensure the children are able to exit the building quickly and safely.  We will now be running regular lockdown drills as per our lockdown procedures.

Please note that we have installed telephones into all of the classrooms over the summer so teachers can make contact or be contacted in the event of a lockdown.  All classroom doors can also be locked from the inside.

We are very fortunate to have a secure school setting with just the one entry and exit point (front office).  However, as we take the safety of our children very seriously, it is also important we continue to review/update and practice our lockdown procedures.


As the cooler weather hits the shores of Hong Kong I need to offer a timely reminder to all parents regarding our school uniform.

The issue at this time of year is usually around the incorrect top being worn (jacket or jumper) and the wearing of coloured long sleeve thermal tops.

Warm school tops are available from the PTA and children are expected to wear these.  It is not appropriate for students to wear non uniform tops so please appreciate that children who come to school wearing such tops will be asked to remove them.

The other issue mentioned above is the wearing of long sleeved thermal shirts under the uniform.  We appreciate the Peak area is a cold place to be at this time of year so we understand the need for children to wear long sleeve thermals.  The issue however is that these long sleeved thermal tops must be white in colour.

I thank you in advance for your support with ensuring our children come to school in the correct uniform.



As you all know we will be saying farewell to Mel Rushby at the end of this term.  We have managed to appoint Tess Alton to the position of Head of SEN at Peak School.  Ms Alton currently works at Kowloon Junior School as one of the LSC teachers.  She has previously worked at a Special School in the UK so comes with an excellent range of experiences.

I have attached the power point that she created for the LSC children but thought it would be useful to share this with the community so you can recognise the face and make Ms Alton feel welcome upon her arrival.

Her replacement at Kowloon Junior School cannot start until February 18 meaning that Tess won’t be here for the first 5 weeks of Term 2.  We have arranged for Stephenie Rowe to work during this time.  Mrs Rowe worked in our Year 3 teaching team last year and knows the school and the children.

Click HERE to download the presentation about Ms Alton (please appreciate it was designed for the children)!

Miss Alton


Reports via Gateway will be available on Monday, December 17 at 3pm.  The teachers have been busily writing the reports and this year our end of Term 1 reports will focus on the first two Units of Inquiry (indicators only – tick box) and, for the first time, the report will also include comments for English and Maths.  The English and Maths comments will also include the targets which were set at the recent 3 way conferences.

For those families who are sadly leaving us at the end of the term you will need to download the report as a PDF to ensure you have ongoing access to it.

A reminder also that we should be receiving the ISA assessment data at the end of this month and we will be making this available to our Year 4-6 parents in January as soon as we have been able to upload the information onto Gateway.  There are 3 reports made available (Maths, Reading and Writing).


We are delighted to report that we have half the school involved in the annual St John’s night time performance which is taking place next Tuesday (December 11) at 6pm.  Ms Engelmann and a number of staff have been busy supporting the different groups including the junior choir, the senior choir, the children involved in the Nativity play and the children involved in the physical theater.

We are expecting a large number of parents in support so please appreciate there may not be enough seating for everyone (standing room only)!  Ms Engelmann has already sent an email out regarding the expectations of behaviour as set by the Church.  We ask that our families respect these rules to ensure we can continue this terrific tradition of performing at the Church each year.



In response to an idea at the recent Chinese Workshop for parents the Chinese team are now providing audio files to support the home learning.  Located on Planet Peak, the Chinese section is broken into the 6 Year groups.  Each year group will have the homework posted along with audio files so that it can be used by the children to help them pronounce the words correctly.  Obviously it can be used by parents to listen to the file to check if their child is pronouncing the words correctly as well and then offer the support necessary.

Instructions to access the audio files are below;


Visit Planet Peak and click on the Chinese button


Click the appropriate Year group


Download the appropriate newsletter and audio files