The ISA Writing, Maths and Reading results for your child/ren are now available for you to download from Gateway.

All Year 4, 5 & 6 students have a Maths, Writing and Reading “student profile” sheet available to download.   These student profiles have been provided by the team at ISA as part of the assessment package and clearly show the strengths and areas to develop for each child in each discipline.   ISA have also provided an example to help parents interpret the “student profile” sheets and this is at the beginning of the 4 page document that is available to download from Gateway.

The document to download from Gateway is called;


Please follow these instructions to access the document on Gateway as outlined above;

  1. Go to the Gateway homepage by clicking HERE
  2. Enter your Gateway username and password (you have been issued with these already)
  3. Choose Student Demographics from the Admin Menu
  4. Choose Assessments from the menu on the right hand side
  5. Choose the document under Assessment Documents on the lower left.

If you have more than one child you can choose another child from the drop down menu on the upper right side of the screen (near the print option).

For visual learners Mr Hollingsworth has created a document with screen shots – click HERE to download the help file.

As with all standardised assessments, this is a “snapshot” of where your child was on the day.  Teachers use this assessment and other teacher and school assessments to ensure we have the full picture of where your child is at.

For more information about ISA including the ESF average across all year groups across all assessment areas please click HERE.

The following tables are provided to assist your understanding of the ISA Mathematical Literacy and Reading Literacy reports for your child.

Table 1. Content comparisons between ISA and PYP mathematics.

ISA  Content Variable PYP Mathematics Strand
Uncertainty Data Handling
Quantity Number Measurement
Shape and Space Shape and Space
Change and Relationships Pattern and Function

Table 2.  ISA Comprehension Demands

ISA Comprehension Demand Description
Retrieving Information Locating one or more pieces of information in a text
Interpreting Texts Constructing meaning and drawing inferences from one or more parts of the text
Reflecting Relating a text to one’s own experiences, knowledge and ideas.


The PTA are holding a quiz night this year on February 1 (Friday night).  It is going to be a fun night so we look forward to seeing a large number of teams enter.  If you have any questions about the night please contact Jacky in the office.

This is an adult only event so organise a team and we look forward to seeing you all on the 1st of February.


The Health and Safety Committee at Peak School have met and updated our Lockdown procedures.  We will be doing a practice drill later this term and again next term.  We will inform you the day before we are due to do the lockdown so that you can talk to your child/ren about it ONCE they have experienced the lockdown.  So when you receive the notification please do not let your child/ren know we will be doing the practice the next day.   The purpose of the notification to parents is so that you can talk to them, if necessary, when they get home following the drill.

The purpose of the drills are to ensure our procedures continue to work.

We will also be having our usual termly fire drill later this term as well.  The children are improving each time and our main focus is ensuring our children get to the upper playground as soon and as safely as possible once the alarm is activated.


I remember buying my first desktop computer in about 1995.  I seem to recall it had a massive 540mb hard drive and after about a year I upgraded to a 2.1gig hard drive thinking that I will never be able to fill that.

Since then technology has changed at an amazing rate to the point now where our children are able to advise adults on which iPad would suit their needs best!

The below article was published earlier in Jan, 2013 highlighting the latest development in the computer world.  Apparently within the next year or two we can expect to see laptops on the market that are the same thickness as paper.  Refer to the below article for more details but the idea of being able to fold up your laptop and put it in your pocket seems a bit odd to me!


It is probably only a matter of time before this type of technology is seen in schools.

It is hard to imagine the types of technology our current children will be using when they are our age.



Please find below a document from Island School written by Gareth Stevens, their Vice Principal, outlining the latest developments in the Island School redevelopment.

Please note that there is an open meeting for parents concerning the redevelopment on Thursday 21st February at 6.30pm in which there will also be an exhibition of key outcomes from the Technical Viability Study.

Parents of students currently in our partner primary schools who may be interested are more than welcome to attend this meeting.

For further information you can visit the website specifically setup to keep current parents and potential parents fully informed of the progress around the school redevelopment. Click HERE to access.

Island School Redevelopment Update Jan2013


We knew the children would like the new astro turf but we completely underestimated just how much they would love it!

It has completely changed our break times, especially during this fine spell of weather, as a majority of children are enjoying the luxurious feel of the turf by simply sitting in groups and talking.  The football players don’t seem to mind and the many groups sitting and chatting seem to add a new dimension to their game.

Children have been told that they must not eat on the turf and we ask that all visitors respect this rule.  I also mentioned to the children that, for some reason, Coca Cola (Coke) is extremely bad for turf as it reacts with the latex.  If not washed away immediately we have been informed that Coke will badly stain and damage the turf.  Naturally the staff have been intrigued with piece of information and have asked the company for a sample so we can see for ourselves the damage Coke would do!

Our sincere thanks to the PTA who helped fund the Astro Turf as without their support we would not have been able to afford the quality that we have been lucky enough to acquire.

A few quotes from the children

“You told us it was good but you didn’t tell us it was this good”

“It is like a mattress”

“It is so spongy”

“I can run a lot faster on it”

“It’s not real grass!”

The astro turf is of a very high quality and the children can safely play on it as it has a 20mm shock pad base and the actual turf is 32mm thick.  Adults are welcome to rent the upper playground should their business or club want to start an evening football league.  Please contact Anton in the office should you be interested in hiring the turf on a regular basis.