Please find below the provisional calendar for the next academic year.  It is still in draft until the Government confirms the Public Holidays next year including the Chinese New Year holiday which might be over two weeks (see below).


Click HERE to download the pdf document which has more information (notes) regarding the above.


36 of our children participated in the “Gonna Rise Up Singing” Choral Concert on Wednesday night at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium.  Over 1700 people came to watch the 750 Year 4-6 ESF Primary Students sing 12 beautiful songs.

It was a fabulous event and all the staff and parents who attended were very proud of our children.  I would like to thank Jane Engelmann and Nicci Corrado in particular for the work they put in to support the children.  It will be an event the children will never forget.


Last week we had a fabulous book week thanks to the hard work and superb organisation of Rosheen Rodwell and Liz Campbell.  The children had a fun filled week with a range of activities including a number of authors in residence thanks to the support from the PTA.

Alan Gibbons was a huge hit and all the children thoroughly enjoyed listening to one of the most famous children authors who still makes time to visit schools.  His two day visit was organised by Rosheen and Liz and funded by the PTA centennial fund set up to expose the children to “experts in residence”.  If you don’t know who Alan Gibbons is, just ask your child!

Rosheen and Liz have also been working on a library newsletter to keep everyone up to date with events.  This issue is all about the successful book week so to learn more about what we did please click on the link to the library news.



Please see below for a message from our Environmental Group;

Earth Hour is Saturday March 23 at 8.30pm.  The Peak School Environmental Group will be holding a Green Week to show our support of this international event.  We have planned the following events;

Monday March 18th – School assembly focusing on what Earth Hour is and how we can help.
Tuesday March 19th – Green Day –  we would like students to wear green, anything and everything, clothes, socks, hair to support how important it is to keep the world green.  We would like students who do this to bring in a donation.  We will use this money to help us join a recycling scheme which will allow us to recycle paper at Peak School.

Wednesday March 20th – “Power Out” – We will be trying to limit our use of power in school from 1.30-2.30 and we hope to be able to see some significant impact through our En-Trak programme where we monitor our energy consumption.

Thursday March 21st – Nude Food – we would like to encourage everyone to bring in their food in re-usable containers to limit the waste.  This is a great opportunity to bring in healthy snacks such as fruit and vegetables.

We look forward to your support.

Environmental Group


At Peak School, in the Art room, every Friday, led by Mr Garnett, four teams have been competing for superiority in the hope that they get into the Maths Tournament of Minds Team. They call themselves the TOMS Teams, short for Tournaments Of Minds. Each team had three or four people from either year five or year six. These team members have a real interest in the maths and science areas and they are challenged in teamwork and practicing their social thinking by being involved.

The chronicles of TOMS; first many schools in Hong Kong are competing to compare the potential of their students to see who will win the TOM tournament.

In a few weeks there will be an HK Schools competition with both Primary and Secondary School teams, obviously competing in different categories. The teams are given a problem or issue. We will be entering three teams; one in Maths, one in Language Literature and one in Social Sciences. Mr Garnett, with the help so Mrs Hattam, is taking the Maths team and Ms Maclennan in 4M is taking the other two teams. We hope to find out which children are selected this week.

There is 6 weeks to prepare and then the test comes when all the judges watch the TOM teams present their ideas and then choose the best one. The winners get a congratulation and a certificate and trophy.

Written by Max Grillet


I read an article, well it was a blog actually, around the challenges of leading children written by Tim Elmore.  The blog grabbed my attention as it was entitled “Three huge mistakes we make leading our children…and how to correct them”.

Whilst I do not agree with absolutely everything he says I thought it was an interesting article and one that would get parents/teachers reflecting on how we lead our children.

Basically the article raises concerns around 3 key areas;

  1. We risk too little
  2. We Rescue to quickly
  3. We rave too easily

The article ends by making suggestions or steps to “healthy leadership”.

View the blog here – http://growingleaders.com/blog/3-mistakes-we-make-leading-kids/

Disclaimer – I take no responsibility for the quality of the comments that others have left on Tim Elmore’s blog, nor do I endorse, condone or agree with the comments that have been made.  They simply reflect the feelings of individuals that have made them and do not reflect my views in anyway.


As part of our IB/CIS Self Study one of the sections is on Student Support.  A component of this section looks at the school’s promotion of healthy eating and how we encourage our families to live a healthy lifestyle.  Obviously our strong Sports and Arts program encourages our children to participate in a wide range of activities but it was felt by the teachers, who were part of the group completing the review, that the school could do more around healthy eating.

It was generally felt that a large number of children come to school with food that could be a lot healthier, food that is generally high in sugar or fat and there was a real concern amongst the staff that children were not bringing enough fruit and vegetables to eat.

Obviously we cannot force parents to pack fruit and vegetables and we are certainly not wanting to come across as the “food police”, however the issue was significant enough to be brought up by a number of staff at this self study group and is also significant enough that the student council will be promoting healthy eating (nude food).

The feeling was that perhaps some parents are not aware of what is being packed as they are away on business or leave for work before the children leave for school.

There is plenty of research to suggest that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind so we would strongly encourage you to ensure your child/ren is/are having a lunchbox full of healthy snacks rather than burgers, chips, other fatty foods, chocolate and sweet things.