The 3 way conference is an opportunity for the teacher, your child and yourself to discuss the targets your child will be working towards for the remainder of this term and possibly beyond.  The parent conference, held in Term 2, is the parent and the teacher talking about the progress of the child.
The 3 way conference is 15 minutes in length and your child needs to be present at this meeting as they are the one sharing their targets (or wishes for the younger children) with you.  As usual with the 3 way conference there will be an opportunity, should you wish, to talk to the teacher one on one for the last 5 minutes of the 15 minute conference.
The 3 way conferences are taking place on the following dates later this month:
Year 3 and 6 – Tuesday 22nd October – 8.15am – 4.00pm
Year 4 and 5 – Wednesday 23rd October – 8.15am – 4.00pm
All Year Groups – Thursday 24th October – 3.15pm – 6.00pm (not 4pm as previously stated)
Year 1 and 2 – Monday 28th October – 8.15am – 3.00pm
Parents are able to log into Gateway to book an appointment time anytime after 4pm on Tuesday, 8 October.

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