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We had our Year 1 & 2 Chinese presentation on Thursday morning of this week.  Led by Mary and Abbie the parents learnt about the curriculum, how we teach Chinese and how best to support the children at home using the resources on Planet Peak.

One thing that came out of the presentation is that not all parents knew there was a bi-monthly newsletter and even less parents knew about the wonderful online resource that we make available for Year 1-2 parents and their children.

In the coming weeks we will address how best to let all our parents know about the Chinese newsletter (which highlights what is being taught in the class) being available on the Chinese page of Planet Peak as well as how best to promote the Better Chinese website that we have purchased to support learning Chinese at home.  We also need to simplify the process for parents/children to find/log into the Better Chinese website.

Please click HERE to download the presentation shared at the Year 1 and 2 Chinese Workshop.

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