The angry squirrel (or panther depending on the year group) arrived and left disappointed!!

The lockdown held on Tuesday was another success and the children were superb at following the procedures that we have put in place.  Within 20 seconds of the alarm being raised the school felt empty and quiet.

A number of children I spoke to, when I went around the classes, had clearly spoken to their parents either before or after the procedure so my thanks to you for answering their questions.  As you can appreciate we get a lot of “what if?” questions and we do our best to answer them as well.

For parents who are visitors and are at school during a fire or lockdown emergency here is a summary of what to do – 

Fire Alarm (one long continuous ring of the bell)

– Leave the building by the nearest exit

– Walk quickly but calmly to the upper playground to the far court (by the diamond climbing frame)

– Wait there for the all clear to be given


Lockdown Alarm (ten short rings of the bell)

– Go to the nearest classroom or room that has a door that can be locked

– Enter the room and lock the door once everyone near is in

– Get down low and away from any windows so that you cannot be seen from outside (it may be necessary to pull down the blinds) or through any glass window in the door.

– Remain low and quiet until the all clear is given (5 short rings of the bell)

– Do not use your cellphone

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