We are very keen to develop our Mother Tongue programs at Peak School.  This would involve the school supporting families organising a maintenance language program for their mother tongue.  It is not a opportunity for children to be involved in a beginners language course but more for children who speak a another language at home e.g. French, Italian, Spanish etc.  The programs would run after school and the tutors would either be a parent of one of the families involved or a paid tutor (meaning there would be a cost for participants).

We are close to finalising a French Mother Tongue Language program as we have 5 children (two families) who have shown interest in having one offered.  If your child speaks French at home (please appreciate they do not need to be fluent but must have experience and knowledge of the language) and you would like your child to be involved please let me know as soon as possible.

In addition if there are families that would be very interested in being part of a Mother Tongue program please let me know.  We are aware that we have a number of families from other parts of the world who’s own language could be further fostered by the Mother Tongue program.  If you are interested in your child joining or would be willing to help run a course based on your Mother Tongue (first language) please let me know.

In the past we have run a Spanish program but this stopped when the mother, who was running the course, left Hong Kong.  We would love to provide a teaching space at Peak School to encourage our children to learn their mother tongue so please do let us know if you are interested.


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