As you know I am passionate about the teaching and learning of maths but I also appreciate the importance of language.

An article I read recently from the BBC has now linked the two together.  The article called “Maths Advantage For Pupils Who Read For Pleasure” by Katerine Sellgren claims that research has now proven that those children who regularly read for pleasure will do better Maths and English than those children who do not.

“The study, by the Institute of Education, London University, examined the reading habits of 6,000 children.  It indicated reading for pleasure was more important to a child’s development than how educated their parents were.  The researchers concluded a wide vocabulary helped children absorb information across the curriculum.” (Sellgren, BBC News, September 2013).

It is a short but interesting article and certainly reinforces our natural belief that reading has many benefits and I guess it makes sense that these benefits are seen across the curriculum.

For the full article please click the following link –

Disclaimer – I take no responsibility for the quality of the comments (if any) that others have left on the BBC web link above, nor do I endorse, condone or agree with the comments that have been made.  They simply reflect the feelings of individuals that have made them and do not reflect my views in anyway.

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