Please see below for important dates for Term 2 including Parent workshops, PTA coffee mornings, Sports Days and Book Week.  A digital version will be emailed to all parents shortly.  Please note that there will be a midday finish on Thursday 30 January as it is on the eve of the Chinese New Year.  This allows our Chinese families and staff the necessary time to prepare.  All ESF schools will finish early on this day and it is a one off owing to the timing of the actual New Year.

A copy of the Term 2 important dates can be downloaded by clicking HERE.


When I was attending Craig’s presentation on Cyber Safety/Digital Citizenship he told the parents about a really good website called “Commonsense Media”.   One of the articles I found really interesting, written by Caroline Knorr, was about the positive side of technology and some of the trends she sees taking place for 2014.

Titled “7 Surprisingly Inspiring Kids’ Tech Trends for 2014” the article makes some good points about our children and the use of technology.

The following is the first few paragraphs of the article and the rest of the article can be read by clicking HERE.

“From the iPotty to The Smurfs 2, 2013 gave us some real stinkers. And attention-grabbing stories about cyberbullying and sexting seemed to dominate the news.

But for a lot of parents, the negative headlines don’t track with their families’ experience of technology. Many folks are seeing their kids learn, grow, and benefit from innovations in the tech world.

Maybe it’s all part of a rising trend in general positivity generated by sites like Upworthy and Do Something. Maybe parents are learning how to better manage their kids’ media lives. And maybe — just maybe — kids who have grown up immersed in technology are smarter about the way the digital world should work. Whatever it is, we’re excited about these surprisingly inspiring kids’ tech trends for 2014″. (Caroline Knorr, Jan 7, 2014)


Gateway Report Support


The student report for your child has been available for you to view or download since Monday 13 January.  At this stage about two thirds of our parents have accessed the report meaning that a third of our parents have not.  Can I please encourage you to access the report by logging into Gateway and following the step by step guidelines emailed to you at the beginning of this week (and found below).

The report looks at where your child is at in regards to our English, Maths and Chinese standards as well as providing clear next steps for your child’s learning in the area of English and Maths.

Year 4-6 parents will also have access to the ISA data information as mentioned earlier in my blog.

Support document for parents – Gateway report


Cyber Safety

This past Wednesday Craig gave a presentation to and facilitated discussion with our Year 1-3 parents around the topic of cyber safety and digital citizenship.

A similar presentation/forum for our Year 4-6 parents is taking place this coming Tuesday the 21st of January.  A survey has been sent out to our Year 4-6 parents so please fill this survey in if you intend to come to the workshop on Tuesday.

Please click HERE to be directed to the presentation Craig used with the Year 1-3 parents as well as a number of very useful links and websites to help you on this important area for your child/ren as they grow up.


The ISA Writing, Maths and Reading results for our Year 4, 5 and 6 child/ren is now available for you to download from Gateway.

All Year 4, 5 & 6 students have a Maths, Writing and Reading “student profile” sheet available to download.   These student profiles have been provided by the team at ISA as part of the assessment package and clearly show the strengths and areas to develop for each child in each discipline.   ISA have also provided an example to help parents interpret the “student profile” sheets and this is at the beginning of the 4 page document that is available to download from Gateway.

The document to download from Gateway is called;


Please follow these instructions to access the document on Gateway as outlined above;

  1. Go to the Gateway homepage by clicking HERE
  2. Enter your Gateway username and password (you have been issued with these already)
  3. Choose Student Demographics from the Admin Menu
  4. Choose Assessments from the menu on the right hand side
  5. Choose the document under Assessment Documents on the lower left.

If you have more than one child you can choose another child from the drop down menu on the upper right side of the screen (near the print option).

For visual learners Mr Hollingsworth has created a document with screen shots – click HERE to download the help file (follow instructions but click on/download the ‘2013 ISA Data’ file name and NOT the ‘2012 ISA Data’ file as shown in the attached diagram).

As with all standardised assessments, this is a “snapshot” of where your child was on the day.  Teachers use this assessment and other teacher and school assessments to ensure we have the full picture of where your child is at.

For more information about ISA including the ESF average across all year groups across all assessment areas please click HERE.

The following tables are provided to assist your understanding of the ISA Mathematical Literacy and Reading Literacy reports for your child.

Table 1. Content comparisons between ISA and PYP mathematics.

ISA  Content Variable PYP Mathematics Strand
Uncertainty Data Handling
Quantity Number Measurement
Shape and Space Shape and Space
Change and Relationships Pattern and Function

Table 2.  ISA Comprehension Demands

ISA Comprehension Demand Description
Retrieving Information Locating one or more pieces of information in a text
Interpreting Texts Constructing meaning and drawing inferences from one or more parts of the text
Reflecting Relating a text to one’s own experiences, knowledge and ideas.