Last Thursday, 8 of our Year 6 children went to Island School to compete in the Annual Gecko Maths competition.  6 Schools were involved in the Maths problem solving competition including Island School (Year 7 teams x 6), DBIS (Year 7 teams x 2), Glenealy (Year 6 teams x 2), Bradbury (Year 6 teams x 2) and Beacon Hill (Year 6 teams x 2).

After 45 minutes and 20 questions our 6R team won and our 6A team came second.  This is an incredible effort considering we were up against teams from both primary and secondary schools.  To come away with both first and second was very pleasing for our students and all our staff.  Our 6R team got a total of 20 out of 20 questions correct and our 6A team got 18 questions correct.  The average was about 13 correct questions across all the schools.

We are very proud of both our teams and the fact that there were a number of strong mathematicians who did not get to go is testament to the strength of our maths program at Peak School.  It was also encouraging that our Year 5 team pushed our Year 6 teams during a practice at school leading up to the competition day!

6R Team Members – Leo Webb, Ambrose Lee, Naomi Schroeder and Jasper Law

6A Team Members – Jack Rong, Shunji Li, George Acheson, Vincent Capol


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