I trust you found the time with the your child’s teacher or teachers informative.  Thank you all for engaging with this process as it is a valuable opportunity for all involved.  These parent consultations are one part of a process that we have refined this year to ensure communication is strong between school and family, to ensure  you are aware of the progress your child is making and to ensure you are aware of your child’s next steps in learning.

Along with the parent consultations in Term 2 we have the following sessions or reporting opportunties through the year – 

New Parent Welcome Evening – Term 1

Parent Information Evening – Term 1

You Tell Us Meeting – Term 1

3 Way Conference – Term 1

Interim Report (report against Year level expectations and next steps) – Term 2

Parent Consultations – Term 2

Student Led Conferences (Learning Journey where children share their learning with their parents) – Term 3

Year 6 Exhibition – Term 3

Final Comprehensive Report – report against Year level expectations for all curriculum areas including specialists plus comments for Maths, English, Chinese and PSE (general comment against learner profile/attitudes) – Term 3

Obviously you also have the opportunity to contact the teacher at any point during they year.

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