I am delighted to say that we had a huge response from our parent body in regards to the ESF Stakeholders Survey.  As a school we had a 57% parent response rate which when compared to the average response rate of 30% across the other ESF schools indicates just how engaged our parent body are.

The leadership team have already spent a morning going through all the survey data and although we are very proud of the responses we now need to take the time to identify any trends that arise.   As expected there are a wide range of views but, although we haven’t had a chance to analyse the comments yet, there is clearly some areas of real strength and areas that a majority of parents feel we can develop further.

As previously mentioned the data will be shared with the school council and collectively the staff and the school council will ensure that the key elements from the responses are reflected in the annual plan next year.

Again, thank you all for your terrific response to the survey.  A 57% response rate is significant and is certainly large enough to base decisions on moving forward.

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