Please find below the teaching staff for the 2014-2015 Academic Year.  Children will meet their new teacher in the final week of this term.

Year 1 – Cathy Boon and Ruth Maclennan
Year 2 – Anna Trunkfield and Mark Evans
Year 3 – Jane Durbin and Stephenie Rowe
Year 4 – Loraine Fay and Matilda Lowe (Maltilda is replacing Nicole Maclennan who is on study leave for one year)
Year 5 – Tiphany Bloomfield and Tom Tobin
Year 6 – Sue Richards and Felix Auld
Chinese – Mary Liu and Abbie Tsang
Music/Drama – Jane Engelmann
PE – Jamie Erwin
LSC – Tess Alton (Tess will be taking maternity leave from Mid Term Break)
Individual Needs – Helen Hattam
ICT – Craig Hollingsworth
Library – Liz Campbell, Rosheen Rodwell and Kathleen Breenan (all working 2-3 days each)
Vice Principal – Annette Ainsworth
Vice Principal/PYPC – Chiqui Colet
Principal – Bill Garnett