Peak Movember Featuring The Dancing Mos!

Dear Peak Parents,
Well it has been hard work but we have finally put something together to support our Movember cause. Thanks to Ms. Trunkfield and her gift for choreography we have put something together that we hope you enjoy.
This year we are raising money for Doctors Without Borders. If you would like to donate please follow the link below.
Just Giving Doctors Without Borders Link:
Here is the video, please feel free to share with your friends and family and we hope it makes you smile.
Best regards,
Mr. H


As the cooler weather arrives I need to offer a timely reminder to all parents regarding our school uniform.

The issue at this time of year is usually around the incorrect top being worn (jacket or jumper) and the wearing of coloured long sleeve thermal tops.

Warm school tops are available from the PTA and children are expected to wear these.  It is not appropriate for students to wear non uniform tops so please appreciate that children who come to school wearing such tops will be asked to remove them.

The other issue mentioned above is the wearing of long sleeved thermal shirts under the uniform.  We appreciate the Peak area is a cold place to be at this time of year so we understand the need for children to wear long sleeve thermals.  The issue however is that these long sleeved thermal tops must be white in colour.

I thank you in advance for your support with ensuring our children come to school in the correct uniform.


Our library team utilise the following online portals to share information

Peak School Library News – to see the latest edition please click HERE

Library News



Netvibes – online resources for children, parents and staff.  Please click HERE to access.

Netvibes Welcome






Online Peak School Database – search the our library online to find out which books we have and which ones are still available.  Click HERE to access.

Top Ten



I don’t normally promote outside workshops but this one has been organised by the 21C (21 Century Learning International) and they organise very good PD for teachers and their conference is one that I have attended twice before.  They have organised for Dr Rudy Willis to be a key note speaker at their upcoming HK 21C Conference and for the first time they are making a keynote speaker available to the general public.

I have not heard Dr Rudy Willis speak so have no idea how useful you may find her session but if she has been invited by 21C to be a keynote speaker she must be worth listening to.  I have no attachment or personal interest with 21C and simply wanted to make you aware of this opportunity.

I have attached the information below as I thought you would prefer to have the choice about going rather than not knowing about it at all.

Dr Rudy Flyer


Dr Rudy 1


I just wanted to remind everyone that we offer weekly French lessons after school on a Monday afternoon.  The program is designed for children who can already speak French and will act as a maintenance program and is not designed for those that are new to the language.  I know we have had some new families to the school in the past few months who mentioned that their children were learning or had the ability to speak the language so please contact me should you want to know more about the program.

A reminder that the school will support any parents who would like to see a mother tongue program started at the school for children after school. If you would like to know more about how to get a program started please contact me.


A quick question for you all – when was the last time you practiced a fire drill as a family at home?  Does/do your child/ren know where to go in case of a fire?  Where is the assembly point for your family should you get separated whilst leaving the apartment/complex?

As a school we have a termly fire drill to ensure all children and staff know what to do and know where to go.  If you are at school during a fire drill please follow the instructions of the staff and go to the Upper Playground collection point.  Assuming you have signed in please go to an office member to let them know that you are safe so that they can tick you off.

A copy of the procedures the school follows in the event of a fire can be downloaded/viewed by clicking HERE

The school will be conducting a fire drill before the end of the term.

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