I don’t normally promote outside workshops but this one has been organised by the 21C (21 Century Learning International) and they organise very good PD for teachers and their conference is one that I have attended twice before.  They have organised for Dr Rudy Willis to be a key note speaker at their upcoming HK 21C Conference and for the first time they are making a keynote speaker available to the general public.

I have not heard Dr Rudy Willis speak so have no idea how useful you may find her session but if she has been invited by 21C to be a keynote speaker she must be worth listening to.  I have no attachment or personal interest with 21C and simply wanted to make you aware of this opportunity.

I have attached the information below as I thought you would prefer to have the choice about going rather than not knowing about it at all.

Dr Rudy Flyer


Dr Rudy 1

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