Recently the Year 1 and 2 children celebrated 100 Days of School.  Obviously for Year 1 it was to celebrate their first 100 days of school and for the Year 2’s it was to celebrate the first 100 days of their second year at school.

Below are some photos of the morning where the children were in mixed age groups (Year 1/2 House groups) and worked with all four Year 1 and 2 teachers.


We have been extremely impressed with the efforts of the Year 4 children who, after their visit to Crossroads, decided to take action.

With your support and that of the school I have just been informed, by Mrs Fay and Mrs Lowe, that Year 4 raised over $20,000 for Crossroads. This is simply outstanding and we know Crossroads will use the funds wisely to support others. Within days of the visit the children (and their parents/staff) were making cupcakes, cookies and cakes to sell to the rest of the school. Some children also organised a sponsored run.

Also, as a school community we donated a truck load (literally) of goods that will be distributed to those in need.  In a very short space of time they have raised awareness and supported an organisation that will use these funds and goods to help many others from around the world.

Some of our LSC children in Year 4 even found time to raise some funds for Matilda hospital where they visited recently to learn more about what they do.

Year 4s have been outstanding role models showing the importance of caring for others.


We made the latest ‘Parks’ e-newsletter where they announced the successful installation of our new playground.  Here are a couple of screen shots from their promotional piece.

Below that are some more images of the playground as I know some parents have not had the opportunity to visit the school since the installation and would like to see it in action.

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 9.57.15 am Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 9.57.43 am


The parents consultations are quickly approaching.  Below are the dates and times that will soon be available on Gateway for you to book.
  • Monday 9 March – Year 1 and 2 – 8.30 – 3pm
  • Tuesday 10 March – Year 3 and 6 + Chinese – 8.30am – 3pm
  • Wednesday 11 March – Year 4 and 5 – 8.30am – 3pm
  • Thursday 12 March – All teachers including specialists (PE, Music, Year 1/2 ICT and Chinese) – 3.15pm to 7pm
This consultation is between just the teacher and the parent and unlike the 3 way conference and the student led conference (learning journey) does not involve the child.
Deadline for booking on Gateway – 

Bookings for Monday/Tuesday will close the Friday before (12pm)

Bookings for Wednesday will close on Monday (12pm)

Bookings for Thursday will close Tuesday (12pm)

Bookings on Gateway will open Friday 27 February at midday.