As previously mentioned the student led conferences for our Year 1-5 children are being held on Thursday, June 4.

Bookings via Gateway open on Monday morning at 9am.  Numbers are limited to 6 children per session as per below.  If you are unable to book a time slot on Gateway it will because it is already full.

The timings are below and please click HERE for the Gateway step by step help instructions.  Please log in and select the time slot that you would prefer and then attend that particular session with your child on the day.  Please note that the Year 1-5 children are only at school that day for the particular session that you book.

Student Led


Friday the 15th of May

Gareth Stevens, who is the Vice Principal at Island School, will be available to answer any questions regarding the Island School redevelopment.  The ‘open session’ will begin at 8.30am in the Multimedia/ICT Room and rather than a presentation, Gareth will simply be there to provide a quick overview and then answer any questions as well as show you the online work that you can view in your own time should you wish.

Our intention is to have these about once or twice a term so if you cannot make this one there will be others that you can attend in the future.


We have been entering the Tournament of Minds (TOM) competition now for several years and each year we usually do very well.

This year was no exception and two of our three teams won again this year.

The tournament is in two parts.  The first part is the long term challenge where students are given an challenge that they must work on and they have 6 weeks to work on the solution as well as a 10 minute presentation that they must present on the day to a panel of judges.  The second part is the ‘Spontaneous Challenge’ that requires the children to go into a room by themselves and a panel of judges gives them 3 minutes to come up with responses for a challenge that they are given.  No other adults are allowed in the room.  The judges are looking for strong communication skills, creative thinking and team work.

Our Maths Engineering Team beat 10 other schools to win the Maths Engineering challenge.  This is now 3 years in a row that we have won this competition.

Our Language Literature Team also beat a number of schools to win the Language Literature challenge.  This is now 4 times in the past 5 years that we have won this section.

Our Social Science Team, which probably had the hardest challenge, did a great job of presenting their story but did not quite do enough to win the competition this year.

Language Literature Team

Language Literature Team



Maths Engineering Team
Maths Engineering Team


Social Sciences Team

Social Science Team

The children and staff involved are below –

Team 1: Maths Engineering

  1. Year 4 Alexandra (Lexi) Joseph-Hui
  2. Year 5 Wren Fannin
  3. Year 5 Rachel Schroeder
  4. Year 6 Ree Nie Kong
  5. Year 6 James Coward
  6. Year 6 Darren Choi
  7. Year 6 Kate Chan

Facilitators – Mr Tobin and Mr Garnett

Team 2: Language Literature

  1. Year 6 Julian Wong
  2. Year 6 Maya Mathur
  3. Year 6 Zoee Nocom
  4. Year 5 Zoe Carrett
  5. Year 5 Kimberly Chan
  6. Year 5 Zahra Hui
  7. Year 4 Arthur Yuan-Pritchard

 Facilitators – Mrs Fay and Mrs Rowe

Team 3: Social Sciences

  1. Year 4  Angelie Ng
  2. Year 5 Angelica Festa-Bianchet
  3. Year 5 Lucinda Harlcrow
  4. Year 5 Julia Hendriks
  5. Year 6 Kristen Lee
  6. Year 6 Joshya Gupta
  7. Year 6 Adele Aranha

Facilitators – Ms Colet and Mr Evans