It was great to talk to the parents that managed to pop into the ‘drop in’ workshop on Thursday night during the 3 way consultations.

The presentation that I went through with the parents who dropped in during the evening is actually a Weebly (website) that Mr Hollingsworth has created for us to share.

The website covers our 3 key messages, has videos well worth watching about the power of ‘yet’ and self belief, the slide show presentation used during the drop in sessions, other Growth Mindset resources as well as a diagram that clearly shows the difference between a fixed and growth mindset.

To access the website please click HERE.



This message is only appropriate for those parents who intend to attend the Peak School performance at St Johns on December 10.  Many schools would love the privilege of performing at St Johns, on an annual basis, but this has been extended to us over the years owing to our high standard of behaviour year after year.  

It is important to remember that the cathedral is a holy place of worship that is open to the public, therefore certain etiquette must be observed and respect shown for the expected CODE OF CONDUCT.

  • The congregation are asked to remain seated during the service and there is strictly no standing on pews (including children)
  • Children are also not allowed to sit on the floor at the front. This is important as we have so many in the Junior Choir this year that we will need the floor space at the front.
  • Children who are not involved with the performance must remain with their parents for the duration and are requested to keep their voices hushed. They should be reminded that members of the public often come in to the cathedral to pray.
  • The practice of coming extra early to save seats is considered unfair and is often the cause of resentment and tension. Please avoid doing this.
  • Whilst waiting for the service to begin, please turn mobile phones off and keep your children, not involved in the performance, quietly seated with you.
  • After the event, refreshments are served in the cathedral garden which is still part of the cathedral community. The cathedral staff have also asked that children do not to climb in the trees or swing on the branches

Whilst it’s very tempting to try to get that great shot from the best position, we respectfully ask parents not to leave their seats and come to the front to take photos.  Not only does this practice obscure views for the rest of the seated congregation but it also gets in the way of the performers and is distracting.  Please note that the school staff have been given permission to take photos inside the church but this does not extend to our guests.

In order to alleviate this problem we have arranged two official photographers for this event and all the wonderful photos will be accessible to download.  Parents who attempt to come to the front to take photos will be asked to return to their seats.

Your help and support in ensuring the evening goes smoothly is greatly appreciated.


Library News


The November ‘Library News’ is out and is full of interesting reading.

Covered in this issue includes –

  • Chris Bradford Author Visit (kindly paid for by the PTA)
  • Jacqueline Harvey author visit
  • E-Books come to Peak School!
  • Golden Dragon Book Awards
  • Hong Kong Young Writers Awards 2016
  • Peak School Library Pinterest Page
  • Learning Research Skills
  • Peak School hosts ALESS meeting

Please click HERE to access the newsletter



As you know Robert Ramsey joined our school council recently as our Parent Representative.  He has now also joined our Finance Committee that meets six times a year just before our School Council meetings.

The purpose of the Finance Committee is to oversee the financial management at Peak School.  At each meeting we typically look at the monthly accounts as well as any future capital projects that will require funding.

The committee is made up of Jon Fewtrell (Community School Council rep) as Chair, Robert Ramsey (Parent School Council rep), Anton Leung (Financial officer at Peak School) and myself.

We are interested in having a community member join our Finance Committee to add their expertise and ideas into the mix.  Ideally we are hoping that this committee member would then in a year or so seriously consider joining the School Council officially as our community representative and then continue on the Finance Committee as well.  A community member is anyone who does not have direct links with the school e.g does not have children at the school.  Alternatively we would love to have a Year 6 parent join who has a strong interest in finance who is willing to continue in the roll even after their child has left the school

If you know of anyone who you think would be ideal or perhaps your child is in Year 6 and you would be interested, do please contact me for more information.


I have been in contact with a company called Sanskriti as they offer Hindi for other ESF schools on Hong Kong Island.  They are willing to offer Hindi at Peak School every Tuesday, starting in Term 2, from 3.15pm to 4.15pm.  Please appreciate that Tuesday afternoon is the only afternoon available and this day cannot be changed.
Please click on the survey link below and complete the survey to register your interest.  If there are enough families who show interest I will email all the parents who complete the survey to put them in touch with Sanskriti.The survey form has information about the costs involved.

My hope is that we can offer Hindi at Peak School but this will only be possible if we have at least 5-6 families who fill in the survey and then commit to the sessions next term.
So far we have had 7 families express interest via the survey so hopefully the lessons will go ahead.
If you haven’t already done so please complete the survey as soon as possible so that I can then review the responses over the weekend and act accordingly.


Peak School Typing Club

Peak School has recently enrolled in on online typing tutor and all of the children in the school now have an account. We have tested it with a number of year levels and it seems to be a success. Your child can practice at home and all they need to do it sign in using their Planet Peak usernames (no password).  Have fun!




Outward Bound

It has been a busy day and everyone has had a blast, now the lights are out and everyone is asleep, or at least pretending to be. Here are some pictures from today’s activities, we are off camping, hiking, kayaking etc… for the next couple of days so it will be difficult to upload any photos until we return.  Click the photo to access the album.

Mr. H

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 9.14.29 pm