As the cooler weather arrives I need to offer a timely reminder to all parents regarding our school uniform.

The issue at this time of year is usually around the incorrect top being worn (jacket or jumper) and the wearing of coloured long sleeve thermal tops.

Warm school tops are available from the PTA and children are expected to wear these.  It is not appropriate for students to wear non uniform tops so please appreciate that children who come to school wearing such tops will be asked to remove them.

The other issue mentioned above is the wearing of long sleeved thermal shirts under the uniform.  We appreciate the Peak area is a cold place to be at this time of year so we understand the need for children to wear long sleeve thermals.  The issue however is that these long sleeved thermal tops must be white in colour.

I thank you in advance for your support with ensuring our children come to school in the correct uniform.


ESF have released the official draft calendar for the next academic year, which you can view and/or download below.  As a school we have been asked to put in 4 additional CPD days (3 of which will be school based and 1 will be Foundation based) which we will do in the coming months.

As you can see next year’s calendar is largely modelled on this year’s calendar.  This year we have 2 weeks and 3 days for the Christmas break.  ESF have followed a similar approach for next year with there being 3 weeks at Christmas time.  Apparently with the configuration of the Hong Kong holidays, it means the calendar falls neatly into its current form.  I am informed that whenever the calendar is set, the pendulum swings with summer holidays expanding and contracting year to year and some years a shorter summer holiday ensues and other years a longer one.

2017-2018 Draft Calendar


Click HERE to download the calendar