ESF have released the official draft calendar for the next academic year, which you can view and/or download below.  As a school we have been asked to put in 4 additional CPD days (3 of which will be school based and 1 will be Foundation based) which we will do in the coming months.

As you can see next year’s calendar is largely modelled on this year’s calendar.  This year we have 2 weeks and 3 days for the Christmas break.  ESF have followed a similar approach for next year with there being 3 weeks at Christmas time.  Apparently with the configuration of the Hong Kong holidays, it means the calendar falls neatly into its current form.  I am informed that whenever the calendar is set, the pendulum swings with summer holidays expanding and contracting year to year and some years a shorter summer holiday ensues and other years a longer one.

2017-2018 Draft Calendar


Click HERE to download the calendar

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