The following is information from Albert who realised he felt strongly about an issue, as a result of a learning experience, and wanted to take action.  We are very proud of Albert and the other students at Peak School who take action on their own to help others.  This is Albert’s story……

My name is Albert Haustorfer and I am in 5B at Peak School. During the first term of Year 4 in 2015 we learnt about communities and protecting our planet. During this time we were growing some Bok Choy in Gardening group to donate to the charity, Feeding Hong Kong. Unfortunately the crop didn’t get to feed people in need and instead it fed the local hungry caterpillars. By this time everyone had finished their unit of enquiry but I wanted to continue to do something more to help our communities. I heard about donating hair from some other students and decided that was what I wanted to do.

It was hard waiting for so long for it to grow and I hated brushing the knots out. I have sometimes been teased about my long hair with people calling me a girl. This upset me a bit at first but I really wanted to do the donation so I learnt to block it out.

When I cut my hair at the end of March it will go into a bag and be sent to the charity Locks of Love, where they will make a wig out of it. I had to wait until my hair was 30cm long before I could donate. Did you know it can take five heads of hair to make just one wig. I have also set up a donation page to raise money for Make a Wish foundation, they help make wishes come true for children who are seriously ill.

I am aiming to raise at least HK$10,000 for Make a Wish foundation and here is the link to my page if you would like to help me make someone’s wish come true. Thank you.


Albert – before the big cut!


CNN have reported this week that Vitamin B may help prevent some of the affects of pollution to our system.  The report quotes work from a very small sample so there still needs to be a lot more research to determine if any conclusion can be drawn.  A couple of things that I found interesting is that despite pollution levels being very high in certain parts of the world and the known impact of PM 2.5, this is the first study of its type.  The second thing I found interesting is that they are now starting to focus on actions individuals can take rather than focusing on the reduction of the pollutants.

I am certainly not suggesting that we all go out and buy Vitamin B tablets but I am sharing the article as I know this is an issue that we all worry about for our children, and I thought you may find the latest research at least interesting to read.

You can read the article by clicking HERE.


Please note that bookings open, via Gateway, at 3pm – Friday March 3
This consultation is between just the teacher and the parent and unlike the 3 way conference and the student led conference (learning journey) does not involve the child.

Parent Consultation Schedule

Monday 20 March – Yr 1 + 3 and Specialists.  8.30am to 3.15pm
Tuesday 21 March – Year 4 + 6.  8.30am to 3.15pm
Wednesday 22 March – Year 2 + 5.  8.30am to 3.15pm
Thursday 23 March –  Chinese Teachers 8.30am – 6.45pm.  All year groups and Jane/Jamie/Craig.  3.15pm – 6.45pm (except Yr 3 which starts at 4pm owing to class trip that day).
Please note you will not be able to book an appointment with Jane Engelmann as she will will contact you if she wants to talk to you about your child’s progress.  There are limited slots for her and she wants to ensure she is able to make appointments with those families she needs to meet with.


We have been busy recruiting since November and I am delighted to announce the following staff will join us next year;

Amanda Moxham – Amanda joins us as a permanent staff member having worked in 6M this year on a 10 month contract.  Amanda has done a great job of working with 6M this year and has a strong music and performing background.  She has worked in Shanghai, Australia and obviously Hong Kong.

Chrissy Bailey – Chrissy is currently at private PYP School in New Zealand.  Before that she was a Year 6 teacher at RCHK (another ESF School).  She brings with her a vast experience of teaching in the upper years and has a strong background in inquiry learning.

Marama Fowke – Marama is currently working in a large primary school in Auckland, NZ as a team leader of Year 2-4.  She is currently completing her Masters in inquiry based Mathematics (problem solving).  She has taught in NZ, the UK and Columbia.


Whilst we are excited to have the 2 new teachers join us (and Amanda who is staying) next academic year it does mean that we are sadly losing two teachers.

Jane Durbin is joining her husband, Chris, in the Netherlands at the end of this academic year so will unfortunately be leaving us having worked at Peak School for almost 10 years.

Felix Auld is also leaving us to head back to Europe to join his partner.  Felix has been with us for almost 5 years.

We will formally farewell them both in the months to come but I just wanted to let everyone know re our staffing for next year.


In the next month or so we will be announcing the year groups that the teachers will be working at next academic year.