During the Easter holiday I was made aware of some social media issues that, although took place outside of school, I had to deal with.
One of the key points to come out of this is our children having access to phones and/or the internet and what measures our parents are putting in place at home.
The phone issue is related more to our Year 5/6 parents and I encourage all parents who feel their child is responsible enough to have a phone to closely monitor their usage.  It is fair to say that the issues I had to deal with were a direct result of parents not being aware of what their child was saying or doing online.
Here are some basic guidelines we suggest parents consider around this issue;
  • Does you child really need a phone?  If the answer is yes, because you are worried about safety, then buy them a basic one that texts and allows phone calls.
  • Does your child really need a phone?  I have asked this again as a large number of children in Year 5/6 seem to manage without one.
  • If you do buy them a Smart phone make sure you have access (usernames and passwords) to all their accounts.  CHECK THEM OFTEN.  If they don’t want to share their passwords etc, take the phone off them until they do.
  • Remember Whatsapp/Instragram usage is restricted to 13 years and over for a reason.  Some of our children have demonstrated they are not mature or sensible enough to have access to social media accounts.  Perhaps part of this reason is because they are only 10 or 11 years old.
  • Only allow children access to the internet on any device in a ‘common area’.  Computers/laptops/phones in their bedroom or in a private area is strongly discouraged.

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