The School Council and I are conscious that we are very privileged as a school and we are all very lucky to be part of an amazing and incredible school community.

One idea that we would like to share with you all is the idea of offering a scholarship to a child so that they can attend Peak School for their entire primary school (Year 1-6).

The child may be a refugee or an orphan and if the idea gets the full support of the community we can spend the time required to look at the logistics of how to select the child etc.  At this early stage, I am simply putting the idea out to the community and would be interested in your thoughts.

Initially we would look to select one child that would spend Year 1-6 with us (assuming their situation does not change) and we then in partnership, hopefully with an ESF Secondary School pass the child onto them so that the child is able to spend Y1-13 at an ESF School.

Realistically we are talking about introducing this in the 2019/2020 academic year should there be enough support.  That gives us plenty of time to raise the $600,000 required as well as work closely with the Secondary Schools to ensure they would be willing to continue supporting this and that there is a smooth transition from our school to theirs.  Obviously the child is at least 8-9 years away from entering the Secondary School so we have plenty of time to plan this aspect.  We are also working closely with ESF Head Office with this idea.

We would need the support (both in concept and financially) from our School Community as well as work hard to tap into the many organisations who have funding available for such/similar initiatives.

At this very early stage the idea has been shared with staff and the PTA and the next step is to do what I am doing now and that is to share it with the community.

This is our opportunity to really give back to our community (Hong Kong) and by doing this we would be changing the life of a child.  If successful we would look to have more children join (maximum of 1 child per academic year) so it has the potential to have a huge impact.

At the moment a School Council delegate (Peter Cunich) and I in conjunction with a representative from ESF are in the process of developing a Trust/Deed.  This is good to have regardless wether we go with the Scholarship idea or not.

If we do have a parent who is a lawyer who specialises in Trusts or you know of someone who would be willing to donate their time to help us develop one can you please let me know.

In the meantime can you think about the following questions;

  1. What do you think about the idea as a concept?
  2. Would you be willing to support the idea including financially (donation)?
  3. Do you have connections with any organisations that you think might be able to financially support our idea?
  4. What questions/concerns would you have about the idea?


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