I am delighted to announce the following line up for next year;

  • Year 1 – Loraine Fay and Anna Casley – 1F and 1C
  • Year 2 – Nicole Maclennan and Rachel Roma – 2M and 2R
  • Year 3 – Ruth Maclennan and Marama Fowke – 3M and 3F
  • Year 4 – Mark Evans and Amanda Moxham – 4E and 4M
  • Year 5 – Sue Richards and Stephenie Rowe – both are 5R and 5S
  • Year 6 – Tiphany Bloomfield and Chrissy Bailey – both are 6B so it becomes 6TB and 6CB


  • Music/Performing Arts – Jane Engelmann
  • Chinese – Mary Liu , Abbie Tsang and Mirander Wong
  • PE – Jamie Erwin
  • LET – Gail Walsh and Helen Hattam
  • IT/LMT Member – Craig Hollingsworth
  • VPs – Annette Ainsworth and Chiqui Colet
  • Principal – Bill Garnett

As previously mentioned we sadly lose Jane Durbin and Felix Auld who are leaving us at the end of this academic year.  Amanda moves from a 10 month contract to a full time teacher and we have appointed Marama Fowke and Chrissy Bailey who are both very experienced and passionate teachers.

We will say more about Jane and Felix closer to them leaving.

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