You may recall from the last 2 years Jane Engelmann established a choir called the “Unsung Heroes’.  The choir group was made up entirely of Domestic Helpers and Jane established it to give the Domestic Helpers a voice.  At the very beginning only 3-4 members joined the choir but she did not give up and over the course of a few weeks the group grew and grew.

Jane wrote a song for the group called “I wish I could kiss you goodnight’.  The song and the choir sang at a number of events but the highlight was getting to perform at Clockenflap in front of 1000’s of people last year.  On that night the group had grown to over 50 singers.

Jane was approached last year by a director who was hoping to make a documentary about the Unsung Heroes and Domestic Helpers in Hong Kong.  This was after a Youtube video Jane, Craig and Gaylord had helped make highlighting the journey of the Unsung Heroes.

Here is the video – the choir are singing in our very own school hall.

Fast forward to last Sunday night and we (a large number of Peak Staff) were privileged to watch the movie premiere of ‘The Helper: A Documentary”.  The film was beautifully done and very powerful.  Jane, like the rest of us had not seen it and did not know what to expect.  As it turned out the Unsung Heroes were an important thread throughout the movie and the movie ended with the Unsung Heroes performing at Clockenflap.  There were about 400-500 people watching the movie at the Asia Society and it was great to see an ex Peak family heavily involved in the movie as well.

We are not sure what will happen to the documentary now as the producers are hoping to enter it in a number of Film Festivals around the world.

CNN wrote an article about the documentary which you can read by clicking HERE.

We are very proud of Jane and by taking some action she has helped give our Domestic Helpers a voice.



This year thanks to the support of ESF we are looking to complete the following upgrades to the school facilities;

  • The netball/tennis court will be resurfaced with a rubber product.  Benefits include more cushioning for children should they fall over on it, less stress when running/playing on it (than the existing concrete) and it should have a longer life than the existing painted concrete.
  • We are removing the blue structure (the only running parallel with the netball court) to create more space for the children to play.
  • Leisure artificial grass will be placed at the end by the shade umbrellas so children have an area to sit and relax should they wish
  • The upstairs toilet is being completely gutted.  The work includes new plumbing, more LED ligths (on timers/sensors), more windows, new fixtures, new panels/doors for cubicles, new tiles for floor, new panels for walls/ceilings etc.  This is an initiative led our Student Council who have shared that they find the current toilet block dark and uninviting.

The Student Council and some exhibition groups have been involved in choosing the colour scheme and products for both the court and the toilets.

The work will be completed over the Summer break.


Just following on from my previous post I would like to thank those parents who have feedback directly to me to indeed through a PTA member.

I just wanted to clarify that the Scholarship, should it go ahead, would not be restricted to an orphan or refugee.  That is one idea but it could also apply to those families who cannot afford an English speaking school but are unable to send their children to a local school owing to the language barrier.  There are lots of possibilities including part payment or full subsidy.

At the moment we are simply gauging if there is appetite or a strong desire as a community to commit to such an idea both in terms of support (including financial support).  Once we have established if there is a strong desire then we can start to look at the finer details of what it might look like.  We are not the first school to potential offer a scholarship so the mechanics around how to select the children etc would not be a new idea or approach.

Please take the time to talk to one of our PTA members or myself re your thoughts on the above.


We are starting to notice that a number of children are wearing shoes that do not meet our uniform standards.  Too many children are starting to wear black shoes, as part of their normal uniform, that have coloured logos, colour print or coloured designs.

Our shoe uniform is very straight forward as we simply expect the children to wear black leather shoes.   Not mostly black with some colour writing or mostly black with some colour print.  Just black!

Should a child need to wear all black sports shoes for medical reasons please provide a note to inform us of this.

Please click HERE to view our uniform policy should you have any questions.


Thank you for those parents that have already booked a session (or sessions) for the Student Led Conferences.  If you have not booked a session time yet please do so before May 24 as bookings close on this day.
Overview of Day
A reminder that the Year 1-5 children are only at school that day for the particular session that you book.  That is, they come in with their parents and then leave with their parents at the end of the session.  This allows us to have no more than 6 children at a time from each class.
Please click HERE for an information overview of the Student Led Conferences and the expectations of the different people involved.  Closer to the day or on the day you will receive a timetable/map of which station to start at and where to move to throughout your session.
We look forward to seeing you all at the Student Led Conferences later this month.