This year thanks to the support of ESF we are looking to complete the following upgrades to the school facilities;

  • The netball/tennis court will be resurfaced with a rubber product.  Benefits include more cushioning for children should they fall over on it, less stress when running/playing on it (than the existing concrete) and it should have a longer life than the existing painted concrete.
  • We are removing the blue structure (the only running parallel with the netball court) to create more space for the children to play.
  • Leisure artificial grass will be placed at the end by the shade umbrellas so children have an area to sit and relax should they wish
  • The upstairs toilet is being completely gutted.  The work includes new plumbing, more LED ligths (on timers/sensors), more windows, new fixtures, new panels/doors for cubicles, new tiles for floor, new panels for walls/ceilings etc.  This is an initiative led our Student Council who have shared that they find the current toilet block dark and uninviting.

The Student Council and some exhibition groups have been involved in choosing the colour scheme and products for both the court and the toilets.

The work will be completed over the Summer break.

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