You may recall from the last 2 years Jane Engelmann established a choir called the “Unsung Heroes’.  The choir group was made up entirely of Domestic Helpers and Jane established it to give the Domestic Helpers a voice.  At the very beginning only 3-4 members joined the choir but she did not give up and over the course of a few weeks the group grew and grew.

Jane wrote a song for the group called “I wish I could kiss you goodnight’.  The song and the choir sang at a number of events but the highlight was getting to perform at Clockenflap in front of 1000’s of people last year.  On that night the group had grown to over 50 singers.

Jane was approached last year by a director who was hoping to make a documentary about the Unsung Heroes and Domestic Helpers in Hong Kong.  This was after a Youtube video Jane, Craig and Gaylord had helped make highlighting the journey of the Unsung Heroes.

Here is the video – the choir are singing in our very own school hall.

Fast forward to last Sunday night and we (a large number of Peak Staff) were privileged to watch the movie premiere of ‘The Helper: A Documentary”.  The film was beautifully done and very powerful.  Jane, like the rest of us had not seen it and did not know what to expect.  As it turned out the Unsung Heroes were an important thread throughout the movie and the movie ended with the Unsung Heroes performing at Clockenflap.  There were about 400-500 people watching the movie at the Asia Society and it was great to see an ex Peak family heavily involved in the movie as well.

We are not sure what will happen to the documentary now as the producers are hoping to enter it in a number of Film Festivals around the world.

CNN wrote an article about the documentary which you can read by clicking HERE.

We are very proud of Jane and by taking some action she has helped give our Domestic Helpers a voice.


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