CIS Survey Update

As you know we had our CIS Preparatory Visit in October and the next step is to send out a survey to all of our stakeholders including children, parents and staff.

We have submitted the additional questions we wanted to ask and we are now awaiting CIS to inform us when the survey is ready to send out to all stakeholders.  We are hoping it will be ready to send out early next week so that we can all complete it before we break for CNY.

If it is not ready by Wednesday of next week we will not be sending it out until after CNY.  I am giving you plenty of notice as it is so important that we get a very strong response rate from everyone.  We really appreciate the feedback from our parents, children and staff and we want to build a comprehensive picture of what we are doing well and what improvements we can make.

Once the survey is launched, all stakeholders will only have 1 week to complete it.  We are looking to have a similar parent response to the ESF Stakeholders Survey which we completed in 2016.  The response rate was over 50% which was the highest amongst all the other ESF Primary Schools.  I am aware of another ESF school that has recently completed the CIS survey and their response rate was 33% from parents.  We are confident we can get a higher response than this.

Please keep an eye out for the CIS Survey link in your email inbox!


On Saturday morning 49 Year 3 – 6 students from Peak School participated in the ESF Primary Schools Running event.  The event was organised by our own Jamie Erwin in conjunction with Kowloon Junior School.

I managed to take a few photos which you can access by clicking HERE.  Actually I took over 850 photos so I am confident that you will find a photo of your child if they were in the running event!



We have not shared the assessment policy for a couple of years now and as we look to review it later this academic year I thought it was important you all had access to it.

It was created in 2013 and amended in 2015 as we made changes to our reporting to parents timeline (we added in parent consultations in Term 2).

Please click HERE to access the Peak School Assessment Policy.  It covers assessment, recording and reporting (to parents). The assessment provides an overview of the different assessments that we use at the school, how we record it and when and how we report to parents.  It is in our annual plan to update it in Term 3 and we will be seeking feedback from all stakeholders during this review.

For your information we are currently working on an online platform for planning and assessment and once this is ready (hopefully by the end of next academic year) we will then look to launch the reporting component of the platform (likely to be 2019/2020).  This will mean that in 2019/2020, Gateway will no longer be used to access reports as the new online platform will house the reports.

Just a reminder that we have Parent Consultations later this term.  Please mark the week of March 12-16 in your diary as this is the week that they will be held.  We will shortly send out the exact timings e.g the day for Year 2 consultations.  However, we already know that Thursday 15 is the evening for all year groups.  From 3.30pm to 7pm we will be holding parent consultations on Thursday 15.  There will also be another day that week, during school time, that you can make an appointment.  We like to give parents the option of during the day or in the evening, something that not all schools do and certainly not something secondary schools often do.


Formally known as Sex Ed, our Growth and Changes programme is up for review.  I mentioned at the start of the year that we were hoping to form a discussion group to help us review what we currently provide and then look to enhance this as a group.

However, this is not only a priority for Peak School, it is also a priority for all schools across ESF.  As a result a working group has been formed and they are currently reviewing and updating the Sex and Relationships Policy as well as sourcing curriculum material from around the world.  The School Council had Tim Conroy-Stocker, who is leading this focus group, present to them on Wednesday to learn more about the policy and the progress made thus far.

As soon as the focus group at ESF have completed the policy review and are in a position to share their suggestions around the content of the program, we will look to share this with interested parents and staff at the school to hopefully shape our own program.  I am not sure when the ESF focus group will have something to share but as soon as they do we will look to form our own Peak School focus group to work on our own Sex and Relations program (which we will probably call Growth and Changes).