CIS Survey Update

As you know we had our CIS Preparatory Visit in October and the next step is to send out a survey to all of our stakeholders including children, parents and staff.

We have submitted the additional questions we wanted to ask and we are now awaiting CIS to inform us when the survey is ready to send out to all stakeholders.  We are hoping it will be ready to send out early next week so that we can all complete it before we break for CNY.

If it is not ready by Wednesday of next week we will not be sending it out until after CNY.  I am giving you plenty of notice as it is so important that we get a very strong response rate from everyone.  We really appreciate the feedback from our parents, children and staff and we want to build a comprehensive picture of what we are doing well and what improvements we can make.

Once the survey is launched, all stakeholders will only have 1 week to complete it.  We are looking to have a similar parent response to the ESF Stakeholders Survey which we completed in 2016.  The response rate was over 50% which was the highest amongst all the other ESF Primary Schools.  I am aware of another ESF school that has recently completed the CIS survey and their response rate was 33% from parents.  We are confident we can get a higher response than this.

Please keep an eye out for the CIS Survey link in your email inbox!

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