Formally known as Sex Ed, our Growth and Changes programme is up for review.  I mentioned at the start of the year that we were hoping to form a discussion group to help us review what we currently provide and then look to enhance this as a group.

However, this is not only a priority for Peak School, it is also a priority for all schools across ESF.  As a result a working group has been formed and they are currently reviewing and updating the Sex and Relationships Policy as well as sourcing curriculum material from around the world.  The School Council had Tim Conroy-Stocker, who is leading this focus group, present to them on Wednesday to learn more about the policy and the progress made thus far.

As soon as the focus group at ESF have completed the policy review and are in a position to share their suggestions around the content of the program, we will look to share this with interested parents and staff at the school to hopefully shape our own program.  I am not sure when the ESF focus group will have something to share but as soon as they do we will look to form our own Peak School focus group to work on our own Sex and Relations program (which we will probably call Growth and Changes).

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