Last weekend our very own Jane Engelmann was one of the guest speakers at the Tedx Talk held at Wan Chai.

It went very well and the following write up by the organisers of the Tedx Talk says it all:

“Nothing could have prepared us for that finale. “If I had one wish it would simply be this: I wish I could kiss you goodnight.” The song is the composer and single mom Jane Engelmann’s way of saying thank you to a group of women who offered her their ultimate sacrifice: putting her children to bed instead of their own. The Unsung Heroes left the crowd in tears, all wanting to go home and kiss their children goodnight”.

There was not one standing ovation for Jane and the Unsung Heroes but two!

Jane continues to support and drive the Unsung Hero choir and everything that it stands for.   Jane is a very talented, caring and special human being and this was highlighted on Saturday when she spoke so well and clearly moved and inspired so many audience members.  We are proud and privileged to have Jane working at Peak School.

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