Last term we updated our Assessment policy.  It was only a light review as the IB has recently launched the Enhanced PYP which will require us to make a number of changes to this policy moving forward.

We wanted to work through the Enhanced PYP changes for at least a couple of terms before completely revamp the Assessment Policy.  To this point the updated policy probably does not look that different to you than the assessment policy I shared back in 2018, and in previous years.

We are also working closely with Michael Fullan et al on a “Deep Learning” project.  Although we are in the early stages of understanding how the Deep Learning project could benefit Peak School, it has helped us develop a framework for the Learning and Teaching policy which has been very helpful.

You can view the updated Assessment Policy HERE.  It outlines our philosophy, our approaches as well as the different roles we all play in terms of assessment, reporting and recording.  It also provides an overview of what you can expect throughout the year in terms of reporting to parents.

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