The school has been working on a definition of quality learning as part of the Learning and Teaching Policy and we would now like to share this with you for feedback.

The teaching staff and the School Council have provided input and we now seek input from our parent body.

The Learning and Teaching Policy brings together all the elements including our philosophy, our approaches to learning and teaching and all the other procedures and policies that link to this.

Below is the first page of our new draft Learning and Teaching policy and we would really appreciate any feedback especially regarding the section highlighted in BLUE below.

This policy outlines the philosophy and approach to learning and teaching at Peak School.  It is consistent with the school’s mission statement and values which are as follows:

Mission Statement – At Peak School we aim to become effective communicators, confident critical thinkers and enthusiastic life-long learners.  In partnership with our community, we strive to have integrity and be socially responsible global citizens.

Core School Values/Attributes:

Balanced, Caring, Principled, Thinkers, Communicators, knowledgeable, inquirers, risk-taker, reflective and open-minded.


As a school we understand that the world is changing and there is a movement away from simply acquiring knowledge to the importance of skills.  

High quality learning is relevant, challenging, significant and engaging.  It is most effective and meaningful when there is an environment that challenges, provokes, stimulates and celebrates learning.  High quality learning focuses on what the learner can do rather than simply on what the learner knows.

Learning environments that allow student agency, with positive relationships between all learners are crucial to the successful learning at Peak School.

At Peak School, we believe in teaching and learning to respect, celebrate and recognise the normality of commonalities and diversity in all areas of life.  We strive to become global citizens through a curriculum based on respect, critical and creative thinking, and informed/reflective action.

Through our commitment to international and intercultural education, as global citizens we respect, think and take action.

Respect ourselves so we can respect others wherever they live or come from

Think deeply and critically about what is fair and what will help our planet

Take action to make a positive impact.

As an IB and CIS school we actively develop internationalism through our program. Within this framework, teaching and learning is underpinned by the IB Learner Profile Attributes (see above).

You can view the full Learning and Teaching policy by clicking HERE.


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