We are pleased to inform you that, in collaboration with the ESF Centre, we are currently exploring the possibility to offer French mother tongue classes for native students of Years 1-6.

Further to the below details regarding the course, we would be grateful if you could confirm your interest by replying to Mr. Benoit Bardin: by Monday 8th April.

Bill Garnett and Mr. Benoit Bardin – First Language Programmes Coordinator – ESF Centre


Course details:

  • Classes will be held after school (3:00 pm) on Wednesday afternoons on Peak School campus and last 60-90 minutes (exact duration will be determined at a later stage). Classes will combine native students from different year groups.
  • Class start: Wednesday 8th May 2019 (to be confirmed)
  • Teacher: Ms. Geraldine Wdonwicki
  • Fees : Payment will be made through the ESF Centre on a term basis, following Peak School academic calendar (2018-2019).

4-5 students (minimum): 150 HK$/student/hour + Administration fees: 200HK$/student/term

6-10 students: 100 HK$/student/hour + Administration fees : 200HK$/student/term


PLEASE let us know if you would like to support us to establish mother tongue classes in another language.  If community members feel confident we can get 5-10 children enrolled for another language class, ESF will support us to establish the class.


The Peak School is on a mission to raise enough stationery and art packs for 200 Hong Kong children from low-income families.  1 in 5 Hong Kong children live beneath the poverty line—lacking adequate access to basic necessities such as stationery supplies to support their school-life, expression and creativity.

Our school community is joining forces with the charity HandsOn Hong Kong to raise these important items which will be sorted, packed and delivered to children in need as part of the city’s community service week, Serve-a-thon (May 4 – 12)!

Each Peak School child will need to bring in 3 of the following items on Wednesday April 10th and hand them to their House Captains:

  • Coloured pencil set (Cameron House)
  • Metal Pencil sharpener AND Eraser (Kellett House)
  • Sketch book (Nicholson House)
  • Metal/Material Pencil case (Victoria House)

Please – no plastic!

On the morning of Saturday May 4th volunteers from across ESF and Hong Kong will come together to pack these and other items at a Family Volunteering Festival, to celebrate the launch of Serve-a-thon. This volunteer activity will support children from low-income and asylum seeking families, under-privileged elderly and the city’s homeless through a special morning of sorting, packing, gift-card creation and the making of recycled bags and mats for the homeless—all in support of the local community!

Be part of the action—sign up here to volunteer on May 4th. Children aged 5+ are welcome with an adult. You’ll need to create a HandsOn volunteer profile here before signing your family up.


We have our Parent Consultations from April 2 – April 9.  A reminder that the parent consultations only involve the teacher and the parent.  Unlike the 3 Way Conference and the Student Led, the child does not attend the parent consultations.

Bookings via Gateway opened at 12pm today (March 15).  However if you have siblings at the school, you were able to make your bookings from 9am.  The ability to book closes March 29 at 12pm.  We will not be accepting late bookings.
Please click HERE if you need to watch the tutorial on how to make a booking for the parent consultations via Gateway.  Should you need any additional help please email –
As some of you will know Suyi Chen, who teaches Chinese, has only been working with your child since CNY.  This is not long enough for her to have established the knowledge, of all 120 children she teaches, to confidently talk about each individual child.  As a result she will not be available for consultations this term but we will look to provide an opportunity in mid Term 3 for you to meet with her if appropriate.
As in previous years, Jane Engelmann will contact parents, that she needs to talk to, about their child’s progress in the performing arts.
The timetable, in terms of when the consultations are taking place, is below for your reference.


If you need further convincing that we all should be having a war on plastic, and not just Peak School, then I encourage you to read the below article.

The SCMP article entitled – Hong Kong ‘poisoning its own seas as plastic pollution soars’ can be read by clicking

According to the latest research the amount of plastic particles found in the waters surrounding HK have increased 11 fold (yes, 11) in the past 3 years.  The researchers have also claimed that most of the plastic was produced locally.  If this is correct we cannot blame other countries and we must take responsibility as a collective.

A number of our children joined the Climate Change rally today and the message, our children and thousands of other children around the world are giving, is that they have had enough.  They are frustrated that despite all the facts, research and data, governments around the world are doing nothing.

One example of how little governments are doing is a statistic I read about last week.  Apparently one well respected and established country, MPs when meeting as a Parliament, have only talked about Climate Change once in the last 2.5 years.    Even worse was the fact that less than 10% of the MPs turned up to talk about it.  No wonder our children are getting frustrated and upset.


Many of you will know that Annette Ainsworth is leaving us at the end of this year.  Annette has been with the school for over 15 years and plays a big part in what makes Peak School special.  She is retiring with her husband John, who works at Bradbury School, and they will be spending more time with her grand children in the UK as well as enjoying time to travel.

I would also like to share that Sue Richards has resigned and will sadly be leaving the school at the end of this academic year. Sue has been with us for close to 7 years and has been a wonderful asset to the school. She will be missed.

We will officially farewell them closer to the end of the academic year but I just wanted to let people know in case they did not already know.

We have managed to find a teacher to replace Sue after a lot of searching/interviews. His name is Jonty Woods and although relatively new to teaching, he impressed the LMT with his answers in the interviews. His 3 referees also spoke very highly of him.

We are yet to establish who will be teaching at each year level and this is likely to be released in Term 3.

Nurse Michelle has also tendered her resignation and we are currently advertising for a new nurse.  Michelle is about to have her second child and would like to spend more time with both her children at this early stage of their development. We hope to have someone in place so that they can start at the beginning of Term 3.


Our war on plastic, although only 3 weeks old, is going well.  The challenge will be once we run out of glue sticks, highlighters and other single use plastic that we will not be replacing once we run out.  One positive from this war on plastic is that a large number of our children are trying to come up with alternatives, especially for our glue sticks.

Thank you for supporting our fight by ensuring your children come to school with very little wastage in their snack and lunch box.  This has meant that we have been able to remove the bins from the upper and lower playground with little fuss.

The amount of waste we are now throwing out as a school has dramatically fallen but there is still a long way to go.

Here are some very useful links that may help you fight the battle as well: – our very own weebly which promotes life at Peak School.  It also has a section on our war on plastics

Click HERE to access an article out of the NY Times about how to live without plastic (but it is very hard). – a retailer that sells plastic free items – another retailer that only stocks plastic free items.  You may recall this is the place that teamed up with some of our Year 6’s last year and we did a large community order. – a plastic free store recommended to us by members of our community including children in Year 5