Our war on plastic, although only 3 weeks old, is going well.  The challenge will be once we run out of glue sticks, highlighters and other single use plastic that we will not be replacing once we run out.  One positive from this war on plastic is that a large number of our children are trying to come up with alternatives, especially for our glue sticks.

Thank you for supporting our fight by ensuring your children come to school with very little wastage in their snack and lunch box.  This has meant that we have been able to remove the bins from the upper and lower playground with little fuss.

The amount of waste we are now throwing out as a school has dramatically fallen but there is still a long way to go.

Here are some very useful links that may help you fight the battle as well:

https://pswildlife.weebly.com – our very own weebly which promotes life at Peak School.  It also has a section on our war on plastics

Click HERE to access an article out of the NY Times about how to live without plastic (but it is very hard).

https://www.plasticfreehk.com/ – a retailer that sells plastic free items

https://livezero.hk/ – another retailer that only stocks plastic free items.  You may recall this is the place that teamed up with some of our Year 6’s last year and we did a large community order.

https://www.edgar.hk/ – a plastic free store recommended to us by members of our community including children in Year 5

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