This year the Year 1-5 Student Led Conferences will be taking place on May 31, 2019 throughout the day.   In the coming weeks you will be able to book a time slot, via Gateway.  Children only come to school during the session (time slot) that you have selected.  Buses will not run on this day.  

Session 1 – 8.20am – 9.35am

Session 2 – 9.45am – 11.00am

Session 3 – 11.30am – 12.45pm

Session 4 – 1.30pm – 2.45pm


The Year 6 Student Led Conferences take place on the day following the Year 6 Exhibition (Festival of Action) and separate to the Year 1-5 process.


The purpose of Student Led Conferences is to share all elements of the student’s learning and progress both academic and social. Each class (or year group) will set up stations through which children will talk about their learning in different areas of the curriculum.  Children will be at a station for approximately 8-10 minutes. During this time, they will share their work, demonstrate their understanding of a concept and/or exhibit a skill.


The main aim is to provide an opportunity for quality discussion between the student and his/her parent about their ‘learning journey.’ The students are encouraged to lead the conference and have ownership over sharing and discussing their learning with their parents.


The success of the Student Led Conference is dependent on the roles that students, teachers and parents play throughout the process. The expectations to fulfill these roles are outlined below:



In preparation for the conference the students work through the learning stations before the Student Led Conferences and are given the responsibility of knowing what to do at each station when with their parents.

The students will then be responsible to share their work samples as evidence of their learning and also the self reflection of their learning process. The student should be proactive in explaining what they have learned, how and why the learning is important and what they need to do next. 



Teachers will be involved in supporting, guiding and preparing the students to share their learning in preparation for the student led conference.  The teachers do a lot of work before the Student Led Conferences with the children. On the day it is up to the children to lead not the teachers.


To ensure that the student achieves success, teachers will be available and ‘visible’ throughout the conference sessions in case clarification or support is needed at any point.  This is an opportunity to observe the dialogue between children and parents which may provide valuable assessment data regarding the students’ understanding and ability to share their progress.


In the early years teachers may have to remind children about how each station works on the day.  However, the aim is that as the student’s progress through the years they will become more independent and eventually be able to lead the conference.



It is a school expectation that parents attend the Student Led Conference as it is so important that the children have the opportunity to reflect on their learning.


Parents should encourage their child to ‘lead’ the conference. However, they are asked to help their child to manage and balance their time between the different areas of their learning throughout the conference (please allow 8-10 minutes per station).


To get the best out of their child during the conference, parents should be encouraging and actively interested in their child’s sharing of their learning, providing them with feedback and asking questions about their child’s learning.


When available, please use the prompts that are with a station to help discussion.


Final Message

Please appreciate that the student led conference is a time for ‘parent and child.’ Although teachers will be available to support and guide the process, there will not be an opportunity during the conference to discuss individual children’s progress with the teachers.


We have had some changes in the office this year and unfortunately more changes are about to take place.

Sadly, Susan Keating has had to resign, as Office Manager, as her family is now relocating back to Ireland at the end of this Month.  We will be advertising for her replacement for the next week or so and we hope to have a replacement in post by the start of June.  Susan has done a wonderful job in such a short space of time and we will miss her.

A lot of you will have also noticed that Maco is no longer in the office and that she has been replaced by Sammy Wong.  Maco has moved into the classroom and is now part of our Educational Assistant team.  Sammy, who worked at WIS School as the Principal PA for many years, has kindly agreed to be our office administrator until we can find a replacement for Maco.

We hope to have both positions filled by the beginning of June.

Also, we are delighted to announce that we have a new nurse who has replaced Michelle Buckley.  Michelle, who is currently on maternity leave has decided to stay at home with her two (soon to be) children.

Laura Matheson, our new nurse who began at the beginning of the week, is a fully trained nurse from the UK who has worked with children as a GP nurse for close to 10 years now.


Dear Parents,
I hope you all had a great week.
At Peak school we have a Crazy Cap Day on Friday the 10th of May.
Crazy cap day is where your child wears a Crazy hat and in return they donate $10 – 20!
We are doing this because we need donation of $10 – 20 to get white T-shirts,  board games for our action in exhibition.
Our Action is:
We will first have a Crazy cap day, then we will collect the money. Your child will hand the money to their class teacher and then we will collect it from the teachers. After, we will use the money to buy white t shirts. Then, we will go to a children’s hospital to decorate T-shirts, play games and sing songs with children who are ill.
We would really like your support in our exhibition so can you please give your children $10 – 20 to your child/ren to bring to school on the Friday the 10th of May?
Thank you so much for your support and care!
Yours sincerely,
Alexis and Alex  6CB


Dear Peak School Parents,
My name is Giselle Chou and I am from 6CB, right now we are doing Exhibition. Exhibition is where we inquire into an issue that we are passionate about and take action to make a difference.  My issue is around ‘helpers rights’. For my action I am going to host a fair just for the helpers of Peak School.  I am calling the fair “Giving Back” and it is a way that we can say thank you for all that our helpers do.
‘Giving Back’ will be on Friday the 17th of May it will start at 1:30pm until 2:45 pm.  After it finishes the helpers can still go upstairs to pick up the children. It is at Peak School in the hall and there will be signs up to direct them if they don’t know where to go. At the ‘Giving Back’ there will be card games, snacks/food, photo booth, raffles prizes, Bingo, games zone and a chill out area,
There is a limit of 40 helpers who can come to ‘Giving Back’ so ensure you fill in the e-notice quickly if your helper can attend!
The first 40 people to fill in the e-notice will get to go.  It is on a first come first served basis.
The e-notice will be sent out on Monday of next week so please look out for it if you are happy for your helper to attend.
Kind Regards Giselle Chou 6CB


Dear Parents,

As part of our Year 6 Exhibition I have focused on learning about Rhinos and how to save them.  On Wednesday, May 8, I will be selling cupcakes at lunchtime to help Rhinos.
The money raised from the Cupcakes will go to the Orana Wildlife Park’s one and only rhinos that live in Christchurch, New Zealand. The money will go to the rhino’s breeding program, food, shelter, and veterinary care.
If we don’t help the rhinos, people in the future will be talking about rhinos in a way we talk about Dinosaurs today, but if you just simply pay $15 for a chocolate or vanilla cupcake with vanilla, chocolate or even strawberry frosting, you might just be saving one of the last rhinos on the face of our earth.  Please allow your child/ren to bring $15 next Wednesday so that they can buy a cupcake.
Yours sincerely,
Jack Barton,