We explain to all parents upon entry to Peak School that if they want hours of homework for their child, Peak School is not the right choice.

Research is actually very clear re the impact of homework on Primary aged children – there is no impact.  According to John Hattie, who analysed every piece of research completed on the impact of homework in Primary Schools, homework adds no value in terms of a child’s performance or ability to perform at school.  Hence, why some countries and indeed many primary schools no longer have homework as an option for their primary aged children.

Peak School takes a slightly different approach and feels that it is important that the children develop the self management and reflection skills necessary.  Our home learning agreement is very clear that it should be little and often but it should not be busy work or simply worksheets.

Here is our guideline re timings for the different year groups from our Home Learning essential agreement:

According to the Essential Agreement what does home learning incorporate?

Please note that Year 3 do not typically start the learning grids until Term 2 or Term 3.

Finally, if you choose to take your children out of school for a trip, holiday or family experience please appreciate that we will not be providing “worksheets” or any other type of learning for your child – as per our essential agreement:













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