On Monday, September 16, we will have a Lockdown Drill.

Whilst our children are used to the lockdown drills as we have 2-3 each year, it will be a new experience for children who started this year.

During the lockdown the children know to get low and to stay quiet.  I normally go around and “rattle” the door handles of each of the classrooms just to make sure they are locked but for the first one, I will simply walk around the school ensuring everyone is out of sight and quiet.

For a vast majority of the children, they love the lockdown experience and I am very confident I will be asked on Monday by a number of children, following the lockdown, “when is the next lockdown Mr Garnett?”

However for some children it can increase their levels of anxiety and this is why I let parents know when we are doing our first lockdown of the year so that you can talk to your child before the event should you think this would help or after the event should they come home and want to talk about it.

For parents who are visitors and are at school during a fire or lockdown emergency here is a summary of what to do – 

Fire Alarm (one long continuous ring of the bell)

– Leave the building by the nearest exit

– Walk quickly but calmly to the upper playground to the far netball court

– Wait there for the all clear to be given


Lockdown Alarm (ten short rings of the bell)

– Go to the nearest classroom or room that has a door that can be locked

– Enter the room and lock the door once everyone near is in

– Get down low and away from any windows so that you cannot be seen from outside or through any glass window in the door (it may be necessary to pull down the blinds) .

– Remain low and quiet until the all clear is given (5 short rings of the bell)

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