St John’s Workshop – CONFIRMED

We now have 55 families who have signed up to attend the St John’s workshop on dealing with anxiety ourselves, as well as how to support our children during this time of disruption in Hong Kong.

I have now contacted Kim Ho from St John’s to confirm an evening workshop.  The workshop is on 20 November from 7pm – 8.10pm.  This is the same night as our 3 way conferences but they should all be finished by 7pm.

If you did sign up and cannot make it, please do not worry as we understand everyone is busy.  If you did not sign up and would actually like to attend, you are most welcome.  The workshop is available to all.

3 Way Conferences

The 3 way conference is an opportunity for the teacher, your child and yourself to discuss the targets your child will be working towards for the remainder of this term and possibly beyond.  The parent conference, held in Term 2, is the parent and the teacher talking about the progress of the child.
Please note school will operate as normal during the 3 Way Conferences and you simply have to arrive at the time that you have booked (with your child if it is outside school hours).  Whilst some schools close during this time, we cover our teachers so that classes can run as normal during the week.
The 3 way conference is 15 minutes in length and your child needs to be present at this meeting as they are the one sharing their targets (or wishes for the younger children) with you.  As usual with the 3 way conference there will be an opportunity, should you wish, to talk to the teacher one on one towards the end of 15 minute conference.
3 Way Conferences are scheduled for the week beginning November 18.
Monday 18 November – 8.30am – 4.30pm – Year 5 and Year 6
Tuesday 19 November – 8.30am – 4.30pm – Year 1 and Year 2
Wednesday 20 November – 3.15pm – 7pm – All year groups including Chinese

Thursday 21 November – 8.30am – 4.30pm – Year 3 and Year 4

Friday 22 November – 8.30am – 4.30pm – Chinese*
Friday 29 November – 8.30am – 4.30pm – Chinese*
For visual learners please see below:
*Please note that if your child is in the Ox Chinese group and taught by Judy Li (Ox groups in Year 1, 4 and 6) you will only be able to book Wednesday 20 November and Friday 22 November.  If your child is in the Ox Chinese group and taught by Mirander Wong (Ox groups in Year 2, 3and 5), you will only be able to book Wednesday 20 November and Friday 29 November.
Bookings are via Gateway.
Below is the video link on how to make a booking via Gateway.

Uniform – Black Leather Shoes

This is a repeat of the message sent out at the beginning of the year because we are still having children come to school in black trainers rather than black leather shoes.
As you may know we are making changes to our uniform over the next year or two.
ESF have centralised the procurement so that we can benefit from economies of scale.  This will mean the uniform should be slightly cheaper and of equal or better quality.
It does mean however we will need to make some comprises including moving away from green shorts and trousers but fortunately we will be able to maintain our green tops.  The PTA and school will work closely together to ensure the changes goes as smoothly as possible.  However, there will be a 18-24 month period where our uniform will be in transition meaning we will be “in between” uniforms.  For example children will be able to wear black or white shorts for PE until we have fully transitioned to black (our only options with the new supplier was dark blue or black so we went black).
This can look look a little messy so we will need your help to ensure no other items “creep” into the change.
One item that will not be changing and the expectation remains that the children wear black leather shoes (not black trainers).  We still have a number of children come to school in black trainers.  These are not the same as black leather shoes and are not part of our day to day uniform.
For PE we have always asked for white trainers but have appreciated white trainers are hard to get or are made of a heavy hot leather.  With that being said, children can wear coloured trainers with their PE uniform moving forward.
However, what they cannot wear are black trainers with their normal school uniform.  The shoes need to be black leather shoes that are either lace up or smart velcro.  
We will be informing parents if their child is coming to school with the wrong type of black shoes.  Uniform is a collective responsibility and should not just be left up to the school to monitor.
If you receive a uniform note from the class teacher please respond to ensure your child is wearing the correct uniform as soon as possible.

Office Assistant – Maternity Cover

Cathy Yau, our current Office Assistant, is taking maternity leave for all of Term 2.

We have advertised the position but realised we have not reached out to our own school community to see if there is a mum or dad who may want to be considered for the role.

We are hoping that the person who covers can work (alongside Cathy) for the last week of this term (Dec 9-13) and then work weekdays from January 6 – April 3 (all of term 2).  Working hours are from 8am – 4.30pm but we are open to negotiating these hours if required.

If you would like to know more about the role please contact Gabriela Frisinger by ringing the school and asking for her or emailing her directly at –