It is not the news we wanted but unfortunately the EDB have made it clear to all the ESF Primary Schools that extending the school day is currently not an option.

Like you, we are fully aware that some International Schools have been granted permission to open for the full day for certain year groups and we are following up on this with EDB.  I have also met with my ESF cluster link trying to establish what options we have.

The key point here is that it is not an option for us to have all the children in all day, until the EDB change their position.

We continue to work on different plans in the hope that EDB will allow us to make changes to the length of the day but any plans that we come up with will also have to align with the other ESF Primary Schools.  We are currently modelling some different approaches to maximise/enhance face to face time at school for our children but these will be subject to both ESF and then EDB approval.

We are also fully aware that we have the threat of a 4th wave, and at all times our number 1 priority has been the safety of our school community members.   Any model we may be able to introduce in the coming weeks will be dictated by ensuring our children, staff and parents are kept safe.

With cases now being reported in schools across HK and more and more experts predicting a fourth wave, the reality is that we may end up having to revert back to Distance Learning before we even get a chance to extend the school day.  At the moment we are working on both possibilities, as a school, owing to the unpredictable nature of Covid 19.


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