Over the Christmas holiday we are getting a PAU system installed at the school.  I am not actually aware of what the PAU stands for but I do know the following:

The PAU system that ESF will install at Peak School addresses 3 main issues

  • Air flow – ensuring air outside the classroom is continuously mixed with air inside the classroom. This ensures the air levels are always at an optimal level which will obviously help children and teachers remain focused (there is scientific research around the impact of air quality in the classroom on learning).
  • Humidity – the system would control the humidity which is a big issue for us up on the Peak. This reduces allergens which will be a big plus for a number of children and staff. Rooms at the correct humidity are also easier to heat or cool down (saving energy).
  • Air Quality – the PAU system will filter the outside air before pumping clean air into the classrooms. This will include the filtration of PM2.5 and PM10 particles meaning when it is polluted, cleaner air will enter the classroom.  When the children are kept inside on high pollution days, we know they are safe in their classroom and breathing clean air.

Other pros include:

  • There is little to no noise in the classrooms as the system is based outside
  • ESF are paying for all of the work so there is no cost to the school!


Owing to the terrific support of the PTA we have high quality air purifiers in each room and these will continue to support our air quality as well. However, they won’t have to work as hard, as cleaner air will be pumped into the classrooms rather than unfiltered air which is the case at the moment. It really is the best of both worlds that ensures our children and staff are kept safe and have optimal air quality all year round.

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