Like you, the teaching team at Peak School was delighted to hear this week that we can increase our provision from 1/6 to 1/3 based on maximum capacity.

For Peak School that 1/3 means we can bring in 3 year groups each day.

After considering the different options and models available to us, we have decided to go with the model that has the children come into school for 1 week and then complete distance learning the following week (as per the model below). 


  • provides a sense a normality for students with peers, class teacher/EA and specialist teachers thus allowing time for socialisation; and
  • improved opportunities for teachers to monitor and evaluate child wellbeing.
  • greater number of consecutive days in school with class teachers/EAs and specialists thus allowing deeper learning, consolidation of learning and progression of new learning
  • this model may also help to reduce possible transmissions by keeping those on site more consistent for the week
  • children have had very limited continuous extended time in school these past 12 months
  • addresses the concerns raised by parents and staff regarding children not engaging the day after they have been in school under the 1 day alternate model which we ran last academic year (responding to stakeholder feedback).

Please note that we have gone with the Year 2,4,6 / 1,3,5 split so that the children will be spread out across the school (only 1 year group downstairs and the year groups upstairs are separated by a number of classrooms).

We must still adhere to the EDB plan we submitted in September 2020 in regards to our practices and approach to socially distancing both inside and outside the classroom.  This includes all our safety measures which will remain in place and be maintained.  

The daily schedule will remain unchanged and children coming into school will arrive via bus from 8am onwards and those being dropped off or walking to school can arrive anytime after 8.20am.

In the afternoon the buses will start to leave at 12.15pm and parents picking up their child/ren can arrive anytime after 12.25pm.

If you have any questions please email these to and we will look to answer any that come in.

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