You should have received a message from Belinda Greer, our CEO, regarding an important update about the National Security Law (NSL).

I have shared the content of her message below in case you missed it but in summary, it is business as usual for us at Peak School and the NSL will have little impact on what we do on a daily basis as we will remain politically neutral and continue to respect the law of the land.

Message from Belinda Greer

I want to provide you with clarification on how the recently published Education Bureau (EDB) guidelines and curriculum arrangements for safeguarding national security pertain to us.

As an international school system, ESF is not required to adopt the approaches set out in the EDB National Security Law (NSL) guidelines, which are intended for schools that deliver the local curriculum.

All schools, however, including international schools, are expected to be politically neutral, to provide a safe learning environment and to nurture good citizens. In doing so, all schools are expected to work within three fundamental principles that underpin the NSL guidelines:

– Professional code for staff, supporting the need to live by the law of the land;
– Safe management of schools, with measures in place to prevent a breach of the NSL; and
– The need for students to understand the concept of national security and to know about the NSL.

These fundamental principles align well with our current practice. Importantly, we continue to have autonomy over curricula, learning and teaching approaches and quality assurance and we are not expected to introduce new ceremonies, such as flag raising, where this is not current practice.

EDB has confirmed that our practice is not subject to control or monitoring. This means that our teachers will continue to celebrate Chinese culture and facilitate age appropriate factual discussions about Hong Kong and the laws of Hong Kong, whilst remaining politically neutral, as we have always done.

Belinda Greer, 25 February, 2021

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